Overseas Education Consultants: A Need

Many popular study abroad destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA, and UK have seen Indian enrollments grow at a fast clip. India will continue to remain one of the top sender for years to come, given the demographics and economic growth trajectory.
Students pursue a foreign degree to nurture fresh hopes for their future. Studying in a foreign destination makes you independent, helps you develop on a personal level, and most importantly – aids in career development. In case you have decided to study and work abroad, you will eventually face a difficult question – what next? How do I go about the process? Will I be successful in obtaining my student visa? The best way to put an end to your anxiety and confusion is by seeking the assistance of an overseas education consultancy.
Study And Work Abroad, No. 1 overseas education consultant in India, provides the much-needed guidance for taking this huge step. We help you through the entire process – right from selecting the best-suited course to securing a student visa.
Following are six essential reasons why consulting us is more of a necessity than merely an option.

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Why should you choose to study in New Zealand?

Students going for overseas education often choose New Zealand, due to the high-quality educational facilities in the country. People find great opportunity to study and work in new zealand, with the given infrastructure of education and employment in the country. If you are willing why the country is so popular for the students, read on to know the reasons.

Well-developed education system

The education system in New Zealand is well-developed. It has got one of the best educational infrastructures in the world. Well, the tuition fees in New Zealand are surprisingly low, as compared to other reputed countries for overseas education. A number of universities in the country have been established by experts from universities based on the West. This delivers the western culture in the educational system for these students. The degrees in these universities carry high value and are recognized all over the world. The international students get an excellent support in these universities. You can approach the overseas education consultants for New Zealand student visa. A large number of students who study in New Zealand settle in the country. Employment opportunities are good here and you can think of settling in New Zealand after completing your higher education.

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The Best Destinations To Study Abroad In The Most Popular Majors

Students willing to study abroad would like to know the best destinations to study in. Here, you will come to know about the most popular destinations to study in. If you are planning to go for an education program, you should reach out to the overseas education consultants. The experts will help you in picking the right course in the right university.

Here are certain destinations that you can go to when you travel abroad for higher studies:

Florence, Italy

This is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Italy has a well-developed educational infrastructure. Massive reforms had been made in the country during the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries. The country has a good culture. The education system in the country is refined and the students have a lot of places to visit. Florence is a historical city and has a number of interesting places to visit. In case you need a detailed information about the overseas programs, you can reach out to the foreign education consultants for a comprehensive support.

Queensland, Australia

Queensland in Australia is one of the key attractions for overseas students. The scenic beauty of Queensland is mesmerizing. The Great Barrier Reef is located close to the area. This is a key tourist destination in the world. For students pursuing courses in marine biology, this is a good choice. Besides, they can study issues like ocean pollution and climate changes, when they study in this university. A number of universities are located in Queensland and the students can enjoy trips and excursions to the Great Barrier Reef. You can get across to the study abroad consultants to know the popular courses, and choose the one in which you are interested.

London, England

Well, this is one of the most important destinations for overseas study. Most of the students travel to London to study English literature. Apart from English, the universities in London are reputed for having some of the best infrastructures in the world for other subjects. The students in London can enjoy the privilege of visiting the places of interest, including a number of museums. The important places of interest in London include the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the British Library, Keats House and Shakespeare’s Globe. However, students willing to pursue other courses can also go for the universities in the UK.

Students seeking overseas education should reach out to the reputed foreign education consultants. You can get a comprehensive support from these platforms regarding the choice of course. They will also provide you with the necessary support for processing the visa. Get across to the education consultants for the necessary support for choosing the right course for overseas education.

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4 (Innovative) Ways to Save Money as an International Student

how to save money while studying abroad

The costs of overseas education are high. As a student, you would want to curtain these costs, when you go for education in other countries. You can reach out to the overseas education consultants for the necessary support. The reputed platforms provide a comprehensive support to the students, when they move to other countries for education. Here are certain ways in which you can save money when you go for overseas education.

1. Live off-campus

Apart from tuitions, housing is one of the key areas of expenses. You may consider living off-campus, in order to reduce these expenses. Well, you may think that living inside the campus is more convenient, as you can get an easy approach to your institute. However, you may consider living off-campus, as the rent is low in these areas. This will help you to make a substantial saving. In case you need a dedicated support regarding residing off the campus, you can consult the study abroad consultants for the necessary information.

2. Go for used textbooks

Buying textbooks involve a lot of costs. You can reduce these expenses by using second-hand textbooks. A large number of students opt for these books, as the senior students sell them off at low prices. You can also get textbooks on rent, and return them when you have completed studying. You can get books at a lower cost from a number of sources. You can look out for books in your library, or contact your seniors for textbooks.

3. Alternative health insurance

Health insurance is one of the main areas of expenditures, when you go for overseas study. Most of the universities have norms regarding health insurance of the students. You can reach out to the foreign education consultants and have a word regarding the health insurance policies, that may be beneficial for you. Even if your university does not recommend it, you should get a health insurance for your own safety.

4. Meal plans

You can reduce the expenses by choosing the meals carefully. Most of the universities and colleges have campus centres or dining halls for meals. These come with restaurants, that are accessible to students, living in the campus or outside it. Here, you are free to choose a meal plan, that suits your taste. You can get the meals customized according to your needs. It is wise to go for the less expensive ones. Besides, certain meals come with an ‘unlimited access’ option. You can also cook your food if you have access to the kitchen. This will be less expensive and you will be able to save costs.

Apart from these strategies, you can also go for the student discounts for flights and hotels. This will help you to make a good saving when you study abroad.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

students waiiting for foreign education consultants

Studying overseas is an opportunity students just don’t want to miss out on but yet we do have a few who worry too much and are not too sure if they should take this further or not. Of course, moving on to a new country and being surrounded by strangers/new people would make you feel homesick, you’d miss the presence of your parents or siblings but trust me that would fade away with time. If you feel misguided and not confident enough to take on this opportunity, talking it out with a few foreign education consultants would sort things out for you.

Through this blog, I’d like to give you 4 valid reasons why you should study abroad

1. Education

Well, I had to begin with this since it’s one the core reasons why you’re reading this blog. Graduating from some of the renowned universities across the globe is a dream every student looks forward to. Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc is blessed with some of the best universities worldwide. The education system there is way better than what we have in developing countries, also the certification which you’d get on completing your masters or any other program for that instance would carry a lot of value. These certificates would put a good impression on interviewers, thereby giving you a chance to work with some of the top companies globally. MBA students too, holding a certificate from some of the top universities in USA can be rest assured when it comes to acquiring a secured job.

Apart from this you also get an opportunity to learn new languages since you’d come across people from different countries, who speak different languages, for example, Spanish, French, German, Arabic etc.

2. Travel

The next big reason why students prefer to study abroad than in their very own home country is that an overseas education program lets them travel the world and explore new places. After all who doesn’t love traveling, If given an opportunity I’d take it willingly. From the great barrier reef of Australia to the breathtaking Niagara Fall in USA, it’s time to experience it all. Life is short, live it to the fullest.

3. Melting Pot Of Cultures

When you live in a country where cultures meet, be sure you’ll have the time of your life. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, very few are blessed with an a chance to experience it so if given a chance never decline such a beautiful offer.

4. Friends for life

Trust me this is the best way to make friends and you’d come across many genuine souls. Engaging with new people will also help you overcome the fear of being away from your family. Also, you’ll have someone to accompany as you go around exploring places.

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Study Abroad Plans On Your Mind? Don’t Miss Out On These 7 Interrogations !!

study abroad

Moving overseas for education according to the current scenario seems to have become more of a trend rather than a necessity. We suggest that you don’t choose to study abroad just because you see your best friends or cousins do the same. We’re unique in our own ways, similarly our choices and interests too differ from each other.

Do you still wish to study in USA, Canada or in short any overseas country? Pause for a minute and ask yourself the following 7 questions before you decide to dive in.


It is important to figure out why and for what reason have you chosen another country rather than your very own home country for the sake of education. Stop following the herd and do what you feel is best for you. If you do find concrete answers to this question, hop onto the next question and do look for genuine overseas education consultants online.


We’re aware that the world isn’t a small place and every country is diverse in its own way, so it is crucial that you figure out the right destination for yourself and as per your requirements. Refrain from following what the world does, even when it comes to choosing this. People might choose USA, China, Singapore but the list does not end there, there more to choose from, so think twice, thrice or as much as you would like.

Consider the following factors, before you take a final call:

  1. Population
  2. Culture

III. Climatic conditions

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Cost of living
  3. Quality of education


After deciding upon your host country, another important decision that follows is, to choose the right course that suits your interests. Now let us put Google at work, look for courses offered by the universities of your host country and study the curriculum of various programs carefully.


Since the cost of living and fees for completing one’s education abroad differs from country to country, make sure that you have your finances in place. Although there are a few countries that allow students to work on a part-time and fortnightly basis. But, it is very important that you get your finances in place well in advance. Students who can’t afford this, can also apply for an education loan.


If you’ve completed your MBA from any of the prestigious universities abroad like for example The Harvard Business School or else The Kellogg School of Management, it is obvious that you’ll enjoy a better advantage as compared to MBA students from a not so well known Indian institute. This certainly does not belittle the MBA programs offered by Indian institutes. But, to be honest employers prefer to hire candidates holding an international degree with relevant experience over others. Additionally, studying abroad all offers you various other benefits, for example giving students an opportunity to attain a secure job in that country itself.


It may sound obscure but yes this is yet another question that you need to think over and ask yourself time and again. Living in a new country, with new people and everything new, it get’s difficult to adjust and believe it or not with time you are gonna feel homesick (that goes without saying). If you’ve already made up my mind and are firm on your decision, you should mentally prepare yourself for what’s going to come your way. But looking at the brighter side of being all by yourself is that, you become more responsible, independent etc.


As the famous saying goes “ A stitch in time saves 9” similarly in this case planning in advance will save the mess and hassle later on. Always have a plan of action in mind, a to-do-list for a year-long plan that will help you in the long run especially when it comes to your career. By now you’re well acquainted with the whole concept of studying abroad and what it takes to acquire an international degree, so it’s time you also throw light on what are your plans next. Are you willing to look for a job in that country itself or do you wish to return back to your home country and start a business of your own. The choice is all yours, you only need to organize things rightly.

Following these steps religiously is very essential, failing which you might face a bit of a bumpy ride in regards to fulfilling your study abroad dream.

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Here are a Few Things You Don’t Need to Pack in Your Bag for Study Abroad

Packing To Study Abroad

Pursuing a study program in a foreign country is indeed an exhilarating experience. There are numerous aspects that need to be looked at – the most important one being your luggage. Quite often students get carried away with the items they need to take with them, and hence pack more than what is required. Given that most flights have baggage limits for students traveling internationally, it becomes necessary to pack wisely.

Following are five things not to put in your suitcase when you are packing for your study abroad program.

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Tips for Parents and Students Planning to Study Abroad

Tips For Parents and Students Studying Abroad

A decision to study abroad is one of the boldest decision a student may ever make in his career. Taking such a step helps students achieve a high degree of independence as they are separated from their parent’s cocoon. Students have to do daily chores, like cook their own food, do their own laundry, and tidy up their place, besides other routines. Sometimes, parents get the jitters when they realize that their children will soon leave the nest and spread their wings to soar high in the sky.

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Do You Want to Study and Work in New Zealand?

Work and Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is known throughout the world for its quality education and beauty. In New Zealand, many universities offer the program of on-the-job training.

If you are currently studying in New Zealand and if you want to work in New Zealand after completing your degree, then you must obtain a Visa under the Study to Work section. To acquire a work Visa, you must fulfill some medical and personal requirements. You can obtain the Visa more easily if you are well-qualified.

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