Are Internationals not Getting Jobs after MS in USA?

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With the immigration, visa, and work permit rules getting more rigid with time, it is extremely important to keep yourself updated about the post-study job opportunities overseas. Through this article we’ll be answering a question asked by most aspiring foreign education students ‘Are internationals not getting jobs after MS in the USA?’

The US Government recently made significant changes in the visa and immigration rules which have increased the level of tension among International students which includes Indians too. The level of uncertainty among both parents and students in regards to study abroad programs has risen drastically and why shouldn’t it? After all who’d not want to study in USA, attain an international masters certificate and recover a significant part of the amount that you’ve paid for their education.

Students who are exceptionally good, bright and deserving are unlikely to get affected by this turmoil. Yes, it’s true that most international countries are making their immigration and visa rules more stringent than ever, but if you’re qualified enough, you will continue to enjoy the post-study opportunities that the US has to offer.

The United States of America is by far one the most popular, study abroad destinations among international students is a statement passed by most study abroad consultants that we have in India. The recent policies laid down by the honorable President of America, Mr. Donald Trump and a few recent crimes that give us the chills has become a major concern for students who yearn to complete their education in America. But let’s be honest and ask ourselves is America the only the place where crimes take place? We should learn to accept the fact that crimes happen elsewhere too. In Addition to this, The United States shaped its character as a universal beacon of innovation, education, research etc over the past few decades.

Now talking about the job opportunities in the United States post studying, we’d like to be very honest and share a few facts that may or may not affect your decision on studying overseas. Despite the revised immigration policies in America, international students are unlikely to get affected.

Internationals can study and work for a total of 12 months whereas STEM graduates can do so for a period of 26 months after completing their program. The possibility of these immigration laws affecting the development and the education policy surrounding it is highly unlikely. When your OPT expires, you will have to apply for an H1B visa, which according to President Donald Trump is a pathway to take up entry-level IT jobs.

Therefore, we’d like to say that the question we were most curious about all this while isn’t true.


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Study Abroad Plans On Your Mind? Don’t Miss Out On These 7 Interrogations !!

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Moving overseas for education according to the current scenario seems to have become more of a trend rather than a necessity. We suggest that you don’t choose to study abroad just because you see your best friends or cousins do the same. We’re unique in our own ways, similarly our choices and interests too differ from each other.

Do you still wish to study in USA, Canada or in short any overseas country? Pause for a minute and ask yourself the following 7 questions before you decide to dive in.


It is important to figure out why and for what reason have you chosen another country rather than your very own home country for the sake of education. Stop following the herd and do what you feel is best for you. If you do find concrete answers to this question, hop onto the next question and do look for genuine overseas education consultants online.


We’re aware that the world isn’t a small place and every country is diverse in its own way, so it is crucial that you figure out the right destination for yourself and as per your requirements. Refrain from following what the world does, even when it comes to choosing this. People might choose USA, China, Singapore but the list does not end there, there more to choose from, so think twice, thrice or as much as you would like.

Consider the following factors, before you take a final call:

  1. Population
  2. Culture

III. Climatic conditions

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Cost of living
  3. Quality of education


After deciding upon your host country, another important decision that follows is, to choose the right course that suits your interests. Now let us put Google at work, look for courses offered by the universities of your host country and study the curriculum of various programs carefully.


Since the cost of living and fees for completing one’s education abroad differs from country to country, make sure that you have your finances in place. Although there are a few countries that allow students to work on a part-time and fortnightly basis. But, it is very important that you get your finances in place well in advance. Students who can’t afford this, can also apply for an education loan.


If you’ve completed your MBA from any of the prestigious universities abroad like for example The Harvard Business School or else The Kellogg School of Management, it is obvious that you’ll enjoy a better advantage as compared to MBA students from a not so well known Indian institute. This certainly does not belittle the MBA programs offered by Indian institutes. But, to be honest employers prefer to hire candidates holding an international degree with relevant experience over others. Additionally, studying abroad all offers you various other benefits, for example giving students an opportunity to attain a secure job in that country itself.


It may sound obscure but yes this is yet another question that you need to think over and ask yourself time and again. Living in a new country, with new people and everything new, it get’s difficult to adjust and believe it or not with time you are gonna feel homesick (that goes without saying). If you’ve already made up my mind and are firm on your decision, you should mentally prepare yourself for what’s going to come your way. But looking at the brighter side of being all by yourself is that, you become more responsible, independent etc.


As the famous saying goes “ A stitch in time saves 9” similarly in this case planning in advance will save the mess and hassle later on. Always have a plan of action in mind, a to-do-list for a year-long plan that will help you in the long run especially when it comes to your career. By now you’re well acquainted with the whole concept of studying abroad and what it takes to acquire an international degree, so it’s time you also throw light on what are your plans next. Are you willing to look for a job in that country itself or do you wish to return back to your home country and start a business of your own. The choice is all yours, you only need to organize things rightly.

Following these steps religiously is very essential, failing which you might face a bit of a bumpy ride in regards to fulfilling your study abroad dream.

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Study Masters in Engineering in USA


Engineering is a field with potential growth opportunities across the globe. Acquiring a Masters in Engineering in the US University is a good study choice for students who are looking for quality exposure, professional growth and a good life ahead. Opportunities are endless for students who want to do a Masters degree in Engineering in the US. More than 5, 00,000 students from various countries are doing their Masters in the US.

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Smart Study Abroad Destinations for Indians

Study Abroad Destination For Indians

For years and years, USA and UK were the favored educational destinations for Indian students. For Indian students studying the sciences, computers or IT,USA has always been a preferred destination. Its world class universities, flexibility within courses, freedom to innovate and explore and internationally recognized degrees opened doors for students who got excellent placements.

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What does the Trump Reign Mean for Indian Students Planning to Study in the USA

Study in USA

The number of international students opting to study in USA is increasing by the day. Universities in USA have one of the world’s finest university education systems. The place is home to several thousand colleges and universities, which offer courses in varied disciplines, including STEM programs in USA. These universities pride themselves in offering cutting edge technology, the best research facilities and also offer the best possible resources to students.

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