Waikato University, New Zealand

Waikato University is situated in North Island, New Zealand, and is one of the top 1% of universities in the world. The university has campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga. Waikato University is very well positioned globally and offers a wide scope of degree programs. The university believes in making the students industry-ready by giving them the opportunities to practically apply everything they’ve learned theoretically. To make this possible, Waikato university provides more than 2000 placements and internships every year which proves to be very beneficial for the students. Such job and internship opportunities create different important aptitudes in the students and furthermore set them up to managethe difficulties powerfully.

The friendly and vibrant garden campus of the Waikato University houses students from almost 85 different nationalities. This variety empowers the students to share their considerations and culture. Students also incorporate vital characteristics like solidarity and teamwork within themselves.

The scholastic staff at the university is profoundly qualified and experienced in their areas of expertise. Their fundamental point is to incorporate necessary knowledge and abilities in the students which would additionally help them in building a fruitful career. The staff persistently pushes the students to take up new difficulties and learn new things both scholastically and non-scholastically. The staff is consistently accessible for clearing students’ queries and guiding them in the most ideal manners. Apart from scholastic life, the University has a very enthusiastic international student support team that is committed to helping international students with life outside the university. Thise team helps the students with various important tasks such as medical insurance, and visa renewal. The international student support team also organizes various events on a regular basis so that students get a chance to connect with more and more different people and build an extensive network. Waikato University has also collaborated with local business and industrial groups for building a strong community through research, education, and career development.

Programs at Waikato University:

Waikato University offers more than 140 courses, including degrees, post-graduate qualifications, doctoral degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Most of the programs can be done on a full-time, part-time, online, or distance learning basis. This option also caters to working professionals.


  • Bachelors Degrees
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Health, Sport and HumanPerformance
  • Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Masters Degrees
    • Master of Management Studies
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Business and Management
    • Master of Professional Accounting
    • Master of Information Technology
    • Master of Cyber Security
    • Master of Engineering Practice
    • Master of Media and Creative Technologies
    • Master of Digital Business
    • Master of Science (With various Majors)
    • Master of Environmental Planning
    • Master of Applied Psychology
    • Master of Education
    • Master of Educational Management
    • Master of Computer Graphic Design
    • Master of Music

Considering all the world-class facilities and an assortment of programs provided at Waikato University, it is probably the most ideal choice for the students who are willing wanting to study in New Zealand.