University of Leicester

United Kingdom is home to some breathtakingly beautiful geographical locations. Visiting these places surely is food for the soul. And while visiting these places of astute beauty can do you so much good, would you image how wonderful studying there would be? Enrolling at a university in the UK not only offers the opportunity to experience a new culture, but also provides the opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level. You may develop a new set of skills and build a great professional network.

While there are a multitude of universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Leicester is one to look out for. Set in the city of Leicester, this university was established in the year 1921. Thomas Fielding Johnson, a then renowned businessman, donated land for the University. The University was renamed to University College, Leicester in the year 1927. The College earned its status as a University later, upon gaining its own Royal Charter that allowed it to award its own degrees.

If you were ever to visit this university, you would be transported back in time, as the campus predominantly boasts architecture of the twentieth century. The buildings in the University campus run deep in history. The good news is that the University is located in Leicester, one of the most economical places to live in Britain. In August 2015, for the second year running, HSBC stated that this university was the most affordable destination in Britain for first and second year students.

Apart from being set in a lovely city and housing some great architecture, the University ensures that students get top class education and has some of the best and most experienced faculties. The University is known for its excellent teaching, business innovation, and world-class research. It offers more than 350 programs in various fields, such as biological sciences, arts and humanities, psychology, medicine, and engineering, among numerous others. It is due to such reasons that the University attracts students from all across the globe. More than 4000 international students from across 110 different countries are proud students of the University.

The academic staff and faculty at University of Leicester are known for making ground-breaking innovations and are setting new directions to become a beacon of hope for the future. It is due to such reasons that the University has been consistently ranked in the world’s top 250 universities, based on QS World University Rankings. With such awards and accreditations in its kitty, you may be rest assured of the quality of education at this renowned university.

International students may benefit through foundation programmes. Such programmes are designed to include English language training, study skills and academic modules. Besides developing your skill set, you may use the time to get accustomed to life and the education system in UK.

Courses Offered

Leicester prides itself in offering a variety of courses that helps students take their career to yet another level. The University offers numerous courses and programmes, at an undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level. You may therefore explore the courses available, and select the most-suited based on your field of study.

Following is an extensive list of the various Leicester University courses
  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Actuarial Science MSc
  • Actuarial Science MSc, PGDip, by distance learning
  • Advanced Computational Methods MSc, PGDip
  • Advanced Computer Science MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Advanced Distributed Systems MSc, PGDip
  • Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management MSc
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management MSc
  • Advanced Software Engineering MSc, PGCert, by distance learning
  • Advanced Software Engineering MSc, PGDip
  • Applied Computation and Numerical Modelling MSc
  • Applied Health Research MRes, PGCert
  • Banking and International Finance MSc
  • Bioinformatics MSc
  • Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics MSc
  • Business Analysis and Finance MSc
  • Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology MSc
  • Chemical Research (Biological Chemistry) MSc
  • Cloud Computing MSc, PGDip
  • Creative Writing MA
  • Criminology MSc
  • Criminology in Practice MSc
  • Data Analysis for Business Intelligence MSc
  • Diabetes MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Digital Media and Society MA
  • Economics MSc
  • Embedded Systems and Control Engineering MSc
  • Entrepreneurship MSc
  • Finance MSc
  • Financial Economics MSc
  • Financial Mathematics and Computation MSc
  • Financial Risk Management MSc
  • Geographical Information Science MSc
  • Global Media and Communication MA
  • Human Resource Management and Training MSc
  • Information and Communications Engineering MSc
  • International Education (with Specialist Routes) MA
  • International Management MSc
  • International Marketing MSc
  • Law (Specialism in International Commercial Law) LLM
  • Law (Specialism in International Human Rights) LLM
  • Law (Specialism in International Law) LLM
  • Management MSc
  • Management, Finance and Accounting MSc
  • Marketing MSc
  • Marketing for the Creative Industries MSc
  • Mass Communications MA
  • Master of Education MEd
  • Master of Engineering Management MEM
  • Mathematics Pre-Masters Diploma
  • Media and Advertising MA
  • Media and Public Relations MA
  • Medical Statistics MSc
  • Forecasting and Economic Analysis MSc
  • Molecular Genetics MSc
  • Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics of Cancer MSc, PGCert
  • Psychology MSc, by distance learning
  • Quality and Safety in Healthcare MSc, PGDip, PGCert
  • Web Applications and Services MSc, PGDip

In order to apply for any of the aforementioned courses, international students are required to prove proficiency in English. It is necessary that your secondary (high) school education had English as a medium of teaching. Besides, it is also imperative that you meet the minimum IELTS score (every degree has a varied IELTS score requirement). The University also allows an undergraduate degree from any of the selected Indian degrees as qualification into their programs.

Amenities offered

If you are considering this university for your further studies, you will be pleased to know that you may enjoy whole-hearted support system by the authorities during your stay here.

The University offers a wide range of accommodation options. You may reside at St Georges Tower, located at the International Study Centre. This center is around a 20-minite walk from the University. Alternatively, you may opt to stay at Leicester uni accommodation or may make your own arrangements.

What’s more is that you may avail of numerous other amenities that will bring out the most of your talents. Some of the university’s resources and technology includes specialist archives, high-end laboratory equipment, a massive David Wilson Library, PCs, group study rooms, laptop loans, electronic journals, eBooks, and so much more.

The University provides support services to disabled students through the AccessAbility Centre. Besides, it offers various Learning Development Team’s workshops to help you grow and develop on an academic front. The University also offers the benefit of Student Welfare Service, wherein you may receive information and support on various practical issues.

At Leicester UK University, you may receive the much-needed support to kick start your career. Career Advisers assist you in identifying key areas of strengths and developing skills needed to stand out from the rest. You may obtain information about work placements and graduate jobs. What’s more is that you may avail of the opportunity to participate in the Festival of Careers – one of the biggest recruitment events in the UK. According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters, the University of Leicester is recognized as the best institution in the UK to prepare students for future employment.

Such amenities go a long way in helping you get the most out of your time in the university. You may therefore avail of such facilities and enjoy your time at Leicester UK University.