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Studying abroad opens up the doors of opportunity, both on a personal level and professional level. You develop your personality, become independent, understand a new foreign culture, meet new people, find new interests, and hone your language skills, among many other benefits. On a professional level, you find yourself getting immersed in the best education system, meeting industry experts, inculcating industry-specific skills, and consequently moving up the career ladder. Studying abroad is indeed an experience like no other.

Out of the numerous study abroad destinations, Australia has always been a preferred choice among international students. Many students wish to study in Australia due to its excellent education system, friendly locale, and most importantly, high standard of living. Besides, the work culture, diversity of education, top-notch educational institutions, and globally-recognized courses are something to look out for.

ECA Graduate Institute (EGI) is one of the best vocational college in Australia. The college has three campuses in the country – Brisbane, ECA College Sydney and Melbourne. These campuses, being in the vibrant central business districts, offers easy access to major rail stations, bus transport hubs, tram stations, museums, cultural event centers, and shopping districts. Besides, popular tourist centers and entertainment hubs are just a walking distance away.

ECA Graduate Institute currently boasts of 60 certified teachers and 4092 students. With over 10 courses and 2 university pathways, the college constantly aims at giving the best to students so as to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Students who have studied or are studying at EGI swear by the level of education offered here. The collegeis committed to professionalism and excellence, and offers a supportive and caring learning environment. It also has highly-experienced and qualified trainers from various industries. Each of EGI’s trainers, in the past or currently, hold senior positions at top organizations in Australia or across the world. By graduating from EGI, you may possess real-world knowledge and skills, thus making you ready for further education or employment opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to choose a career-focused study abroad course at EGI and secure your dream job easily. By doing so, you may achieve the success you’ve always dreamt of, in your work and beyond.

  • Courses Offered

The courses offered at EGI provide practical gateways to bright and exciting career opportunities. These courses help students gain real-world knowledge and industry-based skills. Through the various Diploma and Certificate courses offered at EGI, you may excel in your career.

Following are courses offered in various sectors.

1. Graduate Diploma

  • Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications Network Engineering Qualification
  • Graduate Diploma of Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma of Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

2. Business

  • Certificate IV in Business Administration
  • Diploma of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Business
  • Victoria University Pathway program

3. Accounting

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting

4. Information Technology

  • Diploma of Information Technology

n order to gain admission into any of the aforementioned courses, it is necessary to meet the English language requirements as mandated by the college. Some of the accepted English language tests accepted are IELTS, IBT, CPE, CAE, EAP 2, and PTE. Remember, the minimum score varies from course to course, and hence ensure to check the requirements for your selected course before making the admission application.

  • Amenities Offered

ECA Graduate Institute provides various facilities and services to help students make the most of their time both on and off campus. Some of the offered facilities include computer laboratories, free access to wireless internet, visual aid devices, software, printing and e-mail facilities. Students may also avail of kitchenette facilities, such as refrigerator and microwaves, on all three campuses. You may also be pleased to know that the college has various engagement services, such as a social club, multicultural events, sports day events, and on and off-site activities.

You may avail of a number of student support services at EGI. Go1 – an online learning portal – is designed exclusively to help you achieve your course learning objectives. You may therefore self-study at a time and pace suited to your convenience. Go1 provides the necessary resources, course materials, and various types of online activities to help you study effectively.

The good news is that EGI has partnered with Stay Accommodation Agency to help you with accommodation. You simply have to complete a Homestay application to avail of this service. The partnership also provides airport pick-up services at the time of landing in the country.

EGI has a team of dedicated Student Services Officers to help you in various matters. This includes fee payment, locating staff, enquiry about medical or legal services, contact details for emergency services, complaints or feedbacks, among others.In case of any personal difficulties such as financial issues, health matter, or any other problems, you may contact the Students Service Officers.

You may also avail of the student portal – RTOM – to manage your student account, check your attendance, and track your course progress, etc. EGI also offers counselling services towards any issue that you may be facing. This includes psychological problems, legal issues, depression, anxiety, and loneliness, substance abuse, and stress management.

It is mandatory for all international students applying for an Australian student visa to have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The good news is that you may opt for ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd to arrange this health insurance policy for you. Remember, this insurance coverage will begin from the date of your arrival in Australia.

Student visa holders are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their term and unlimited hours during holidays, thereby allowing you to meet lifestyle expenses and to gain work experience. EGI provides the benefit of conducting work-help workshops. These workshops help students understand Australian workplace culture, tips on making cover letters and resumes, ways to enhance your job-search skills, presentation skills and interview skills. Other workshops available to EGI students include academic writing, pronunciation, IELTS practice tests, work-ready skills, hospitality, and Pearson Test of English Practice tests.

  • Pathway programs

EGI offers an opportunity to students to expand their horizons through study pathway programs. You may receive an entire year’s credit towards your study, and begin your course directly in the second year at Victoria University.

Upon completion of your course from EGI, you become eligible for course credits towards Bachelor of Business in Accounting or Information Systems programs at Victoria University.

The following are the two pathway options available:

OptionsECA Graduate Institute CoursesVictoria University Courses
Bachelor of Business (Information Technology)Certificate in Business Administration + Diploma of Business (1 year)Bachelor of Business (Information System) (2 years)
Bachelor of Business (Information Technology)Certificate in Business Administration + Diploma of Business + Advanced Diploma of Business (2 years)Bachelor of Business (Information System) (1.5 years)
  • ESOS Framework

The Australian government has administered the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code 2017 with respect to delivering education to international students in Australia. This framework ensures that international students coming to Australia find the country safe, enjoyable and rewarding.