Victoria University

Sydney, located in Australia, is one of the most beautiful and sought-after cities in the world. It is known not only for its breathtaking surroundings and cultural diversity, but also for the fantastic lifestyle it offers its inhabitants. Should you decide to study in the beautiful city of Sydney, you may consider yourself one of the luckiest. The city has so much to offer – right from the best educational institutions to highly-experienced faculty to various cultural centres and cafes.

Victoria University (VU), located in Sydney, is a great option for prospective students. It has its campus located right in the heart of the Sydney’s central business district. Most forms of public transport are easily accessible from here, thus making your student life a rather convenient one.

The University tied up with the Education Centre of Australia in the year 2007. You may therefore be rest assured that your qualification will be internationally recognized as the University is a part of the Australian tertiary education system. And for all those who are not aware of this, the Australian tertiary education system is known to be one of the best education systems across the world.

There are a number of reasons to study at Victoria University Sydney. A major reason to choose Victoria University as your future place of study is that it has a gamut of rankings to back it up. It has been ranked among the top 2% of universities across the world by the Times Higher Education in 2018. It has also been ranked 56th among the world’s top universities that are less than 50 years old, by the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings of 2017. The Brigham Young University Research Rankings state that Victoria University ranks number 19th globally, in Accounting Education Research, thus making them the best ranked university in the continent of Australia in this particular area.

Apart from the top rankings it garners from world-famous ranking bodies, Victoria University Sydney campus is known for its practical and industry-based courses. The courses will help you develop a well-polished skill set such as teamwork, communication and analytical thinking. At Victoria University, you may enjoy innovative methods for learning and teaching. You may therefore advance your career and grow on a professional level.

Courses Offered

Victoria University offers numerous courses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. You may choose from a plethora of disciplines, such as Information Technology to accounting to business management.

Following are Victoria University business courses offered at Bachelor’s level.

a) Bachelor of Business:
This course is well-suited for students who wish to develop on a professional front in this ever-changing local and global environment. Through the three years of study, you may experience engaging and valued real-world situations. What’s more is that you may develop your personal, interpersonal, analytical, organizational and intellectual skills.

b) Bachelor of Information Technology:
The Bachelor of IT course is a three-year course that focuses on areas of high job demand, such as ICT management and mobile/web app development. Students may benefit from latest technologies such as Amazon cloud servers, CISCO switches and routers, and Hyper-V infrastructure, among others.

c) Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems):
Victoria University prides itself in being called as the leading provider of ERP systems education. The University offers comprehensive ERP programmes as well as business analytics programs to those who wish to graduate in this field. You may gain in-depth knowledge about various SAP software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), solution manager, Business Intelligence (BI), and netweaver components, among others. You may be pleased to know that Victoria University has strong industry partnerships, thereby giving you an opportunity to gain SAP-related work experience.

d) Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting:
This course entails two trimesters of study. Accredited by CPA Australia, the course offers basic-level knowledge on accounting profession as well as specialization. Through this course, you may gain a strong skill set of analytical, personal, interpersonal, and technical skills.

To be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to be 18 years and above. You also need to have a secondary school qualification equivalent to an Australian Year 12 qualification.

In case you wish to pursue your Master’s from Victoria University, you may choose from among the below-mentioned courses.

a) Master of Applied Information Technology:
Students with an IT undergraduate qualification may receive advanced training in IT by pursuing this flexible, practical and focused course. You may gain an in-depth knowledge on data mining, cloud computing, and senor networks. Studying Masters of Applied IT at Victoria University will prepare you for a career in various fields, such as project management, ICT training, IT consultancy, networking, and software engineering, among others.

b) Master of Business (Accounting)
The Master of Business (Accounting) course is accredited by CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. Through this course, you may develop specialist knowledge and skills required to excel in a senior accounting position. Some of the types of the job positions you may apply for include taxation accountant, management accountant, and general accountant.

a) c) Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
This course is one of the most sought after course at Victoria University. Some of the units of study under this course include ERP systems, management of IT, business analytics, business process engineering, organization change management, and business research methods, among others. By pursuing this course, you may be rest assured of developing computing and business skills necessary for the maintenance of ERP systems. Upon completion of Master of Business (ERP) course, you may gain employment opportunities at some Top Australian organizations to the likes of Linfox, Accenture Australia, Australia Post and IBM, among others.

The process of applying for any of the aforementioned courses is simple. All you have to do is select a course of your choice. You may gather the supporting documents and submit the duly-filled application. Upon receiving the offer from the university, you may organize your student visa and begin your travel arrangements.

It is important to note that all Victoria University courses mandate a particular level of English language proficiency. It is therefore imperative to provide evidence of having completed an approved English language test, and having the necessary result. The limit varies from course to course, and hence you may check your eligibility before applying for the course of your choice.

Amenities Offered

Victoria University Sydney boasts of the services of a strong student support team. The team helps you in all aspects of your transition, right from orientation to the completion of your studies.

On campus, the University comes equipped with computer labs as well as a student kitchenette and lounge. You may also access the campus resource centre. At this centre, you may browse a range of textbooks, based on your area of study. You may also avail of a wide range of welfare services. Some of them include financial advice, welfare and counseling services, student equity, employment services, and disability support. You may also benefit from numerous housing service options offered by the University.

You may enrich your learning experience through various academic writing workshops, job preparation workshops, and student administration services. By participating in these workshops, you may achieve your academic goals quite easily. You may also be pleased to know that the University provides additional learning sessions to those who wish to improve their study skills. You may also avail of this facility to enhance your English speaking skills, if needed.

What’s more is that the University organizes various trips and student activities throughout the year. Some of the regular student social event programs include regional excursions, social outings, camping trips, visit to the museums, and barbecues, among others.

Upon completion of your graduation course, you may seek assistance in finding a job. Victoria University Sydney allows students to register for graduate recruitment assistance. Through this, students get an opportunity to participate in a vocational placement program. Students may also receive a wide range of professional services, which helps them improve their employability.

Such amenities go a long way in helping you get the most out of your time in the university. You may therefore avail of such facilities and enjoy your time at Victoria University.