Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is a private business school located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Established in 2018, BSBI aims to provide students with practical, industry-relevant education in a supportive and diverse environment. The school offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as professional development courses and language programs.

BSBI offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, all taught in English.

BSBI has a number of undergraduate courses-.

●      BA in Economics and Business Administration (UNINETTUNO)

●      BSc (Hons) International Business and Management (UCA)

●      BA (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management (UCA)

●      BA (Hons) Animation (UCA)

●      BA (Hons) Graphic Design (UCA)

●      BA (Hons) Illustration (UCA)

●      BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Digitisation (UCA)

●      BSc in Psychology – Psychosocial Disciplines (UNINETTUNO)

●      BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing and Social Media

The master’s degree programmes at BSBI

    Global MBA (UCA)

●       MA Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management (UCA)

●       MSc Digital Marketing (UCA)

●       MSc Finance & Investment (UCA)

●       MBA (CUC)

●       MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CUC)

●       Global MBA (UNINETTUNO)

●       MSc in International Health Management (UNINETTUNO)

●       MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management (UNINETTUNO)

●       MSc Data Analytics (UCA)

●       MSc Information Technology Management (UCA)

●       MA Visual Communication (UCA)

●       MA in Energy Management (UNINETTUNO)

●       MA in Logistics (UNINETTUNO)

●       MSc in Engineering Management (UNINETTUNO)

●       MSc in Psychology – Cognitive Processes and Technologies (UNINETTUNO)

Doctorate Program-

DBA Doctorate in Business Administration (UNINETTUNO)

The undergraduate programs include BA in International Tourism Management, BA in Economics and Business Administration, and BA in Hospitality Management. The postgraduate programs include MBA in International Management, MSc in International Health Management, and MSc in Data Analytics and Marketing. BSBI also offers a range of professional development courses and language programs, including German language courses.

At BSBI, students are taught using a mix of traditional classroom-based teaching, case studies, and experiential learning. This approach allows students to gain a deep understanding of theoretical concepts and their practical application in real-world situations. The school also places a strong emphasis on industry engagement, inviting guest speakers from the business world to share their experiences and insights with students.

BSBI has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The faculty is made up of professors, industry experts, and researchers, all committed to delivering high-quality education to BSBI students. The school also invites guest lecturers and industry professionals to share their insights and experiences with students.

BSBI is located in Berlin, with its campus situated in the trendy Mitte district. The school’s facilities include lecture rooms, a library, a computer lab, and a student lounge. The campus is easily accessible by public transport and is close to a range of cafes, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

The other campuses of BSBI are in Hamburg, Paris and Barcelona.

BSBI offers a range of extracurricular activities for students, including clubs, societies, and events. The school has a Student Council that organizes social events, networking opportunities, and other activities that allow students to build connections and create lifelong friendships. Berlin is also a vibrant city, with a range of cultural events, festivals, and nightlife, providing students with a diverse range of experiences outside the classroom.