General Questions Asked in a Student Visa Interview

If you have decided to pursue your higher education abroad, you have made the right decision! Career counsellors, teachers, and even your parents may have advised you on studying abroad, expanding your horizons, becoming independent, experiencing various cultures, and developing both on a personal and professional level.

Many students are often confused about what they should do next after making their decision. To ensure a smooth process, you may simply contact an overseas education consultant. We, at Study And Work Abroad, present you with numerous programme options and help you make the best choice based on your skill sets and area of interest. With the help of our expertise and exclusive guidance, you may select the right university and apply for admission. What’s more is that we provide help with the most important step of achieving your dream – the student visa application process.

Securing your student visa 

Many students, and their parents too, express concern that visa application process is a daunting experience. Some students find it difficult to provide apt answers to the interrogatory visa interview questions posed by officials.

The good news is that we at Study And Work Abroad provide the much-needed assistance to ensure that your visa interview goes as smoothly as possible. Through our questionnaire, you are well-prepared to answer any question posed to you by the visa officials.

Following is a generic interview questionnaire list for all countries, including New Zealand, USA, UK, and Australia.

Following is a generic interview questionnaire list for all countries, including New Zealand, USA, UK, and Australia.

1) What is your date of birth?
2) Do you have any brothers and sisters?
3) What is the name your parents and what are they doing?
4) What is your highest qualification?
5) What is the name of your course and its duration?
6) What are the course contents of your program?
7) What have you been doing after completing your studies?
8) Why do you wish to study in (your chosen country)?
To this question, you may reply, “The education in (your chosen country) is globally recognized as well as cost effective. Besides this, the course contents are towards my liking.”
9) Tell me about your work experience. What was your job profile in each job?
10) Why don’t you study here in India?
An appropriate answer to this tricky question can be, “I wish to study in (chosen country) to gain the international qualification.”
11) How the chosen course is relevant to your educational qualification and overall work experience gained?
12) What do you want to do after your studies?
You may respond along these lines, “After my studies, I would like to work in (chosen country) for few years to gain international work experience.”
13) What kind of jobs will be available to you after course completion?
14) How will this course add value to your career?
In response to this question, you may say, “Studying at (your chosen college/university) will not only give me an international qualification taught by experienced faculty, but will also give me thorough exposure to my course subjects, which will in turn add tremendous value to my career and help me in obtaining decent job positions.”
15) Where will you work, India or (chosen country)?
The answer to this question is, “I would like to work in (chosen country) for a few years to gain international work experience.”
16) Who will fund your studies and how?
You may respond by saying, “My parents/guardian will be funding my education.”
17) Which other colleges have you considered and why have you chosen this college?

The above are generic visa interview questions and may vary or differ, based on your case.
Remember, the purpose of the visa interview is solely to determine whether you are a genuine student or not. You, therefore, need not fret or worry about the interview. Being confident and answering with a calm mind will help you provide smart answers.
Finally, under no circumstances should you panic. Take the entire process step by step. Doing so will help you get closer to your dream of studying abroad.