Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Looking to set yourself up for a bright future? If yes, then you may consider pursuing a study abroad program. Doing so opens the doors of opportunity to learn a new language, meet individuals from different cultures, understand the work environment of a foreign place, become independent, and most importantly – climb up your career ladder. If you have not quite zeroed down on a particular study abroad destination, you may consider the picturesque country of New Zealand.

New Zealand is home to various cultural groups, giving the country a rich cultural mix that can be easily seen in art, events, restaurants, and music. Besides, there are numerous fun-filled activities to do and see, like festivals, concerts, hiking, sailing, paddle boarding, and so much more! On an educational front, the country boasts of a world-class education system and high academic standards. There are a plethora of institutions and universities to choose from, each offering a wide range of courses and programmes. The country offers exciting career opportunities, allowing you to lay a strong foundation to a bright future. What’s more is that New Zealand allows students to secure a post study work visa, and in time you may look at settling in this beautiful country.

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) is an exemplar tertiary education provider is NZ. It was formed as a result of a merger between the former Tairāwhiti Polytechnic and EIT Hawke’s Bay in the year 2010. The institution currently has three campuses – Eastern Institute of Technology Auckland, at Gisborne, and Eastern Institute of Technology Napier. EIT has a total of around 11,000 students, with approximately 950 of them being international students. You may therefore mix with students from multiple regions and soak in the rich culture all around you.

EIT proudly offers around 130 programmes, ranging from foundation courses to degree programmes and that at the post-graduate level. EIT offers programmes across an impressive range of subject areas. You may, therefore, benefit from this and select the programme of your choice and interest.

The reasons to study at EIT institute are many. EIT has been ranked in the top two institutes of technology, by The Performance Based Research Fund audit of the Tertiary Education Commission. It is also known for its small classroom size. You are, therefore, rest assured to get the involvement and support from faculty and lecturers. The programmes will help you develop the skill set needed to get ahead, as well as the knowledge needed to excel in your field. Lecturers here are known to have excellent track records as industry professionals and respected academics.

The good news is that the institution has strong links with companies belonging to various industries throughout NZ. Visiting industry experts will, therefore, help you develop sector-specific work skills. Besides, you may create a strong network of industry contacts that can set you on a path to a great job. With state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities, you may have an enriched learning experience at EIT institute.

SOME OF THE COURSES OFFERED BY Eastern Institute of Technology New Zealand

The courses offered at Eastern Institute of Technology New Zealand have a practical focus, along with academic theory. This balance of theory as well as practical knowledge provides you with the right skills and qualifications to achieve career success.

Following is an extensive list of courses offered to international students with the respective subject areas.

a) Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing
NZ Diploma in Veterinary Nursing

b) Architecture
NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology [Level 5-6]

c) Business

  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Business [Level 7]
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting [Level 7]
  • Master of Applied Management, Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Applied Management

d) Computing

  • Bachelor of Computing Systems
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Master of Information Technology
  • NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology [Level 5-6]

e) Fashion
NZ Diploma in Fashion [Level 5]

HorticultureNZ Diploma in Horticulture Production (Nursery Production) [Level 5]

f) Hospitality

  • NZ Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) [Level 5]
  • Patisserie Strand – NZ Diploma in Cookery [Level 5]

g) Ideaschool

  • Bachelor of Creative Practice
  • NZ Diploma in Fashion [Level 5]
  • NZ Diploma in Music [Level 5]
  • NZ Diploma in Screen Production [Level 5]

h) Nursing and Health Science

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Health Science

i) Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Social Work

j) Sport, Recreation and Massage

  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science
  • Master of Health Science
  • NZ Diploma in Sport, Recreation and Exercise

k) Teaching

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)

l) Tourism and Travel

  • NZ Diploma in Tourism and Travel [Level 5]

m) Viticulture and Wine Science

  • Bachelor of Viticulture &/or Bachelor of Wine Science Concurrent
  • Graduate Diploma in Oenology
  • Graduate Diploma in Viticulture

n case you are looking to pursue a postgraduate degree from EIT, you may explore the following list.

  • Graduate Diploma in Business [Level 7]
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Oenology
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting [Level 7]
  • Graduate Diploma in Viticulture
  • Master of Applied Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management
  • Master of Health Science
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Amenities offered

The Eastern Institute of Technology wants its students to have an exciting, successful, and productive learning experience. In order to facilitate this purpose, there are numerous support services offered.

In terms of accommodation, international students may avail of EIT Student Village – a flatting complex of twelve villas. Each villa can accommodate six students each. Students have their own furnished bedroom, with shared bathroom, lounge and kitchen facilities. This accommodation facility is located next to the Pettigrew Green Arena.

Students studying at the institute may use the EIT Library for study and research needs. You may utilize the resources available at the library, such as DVDs, CDs, newspapers, books, electronic resources, laptop, laptop connections, computers, and books. If need arise, you may seek assistance from the highly experienced and qualified librarians.

EIT, through its Academic Learning Services team, offers help in your journey throughout the programme. In order to achieve its goal of making students confident, independent and competent learners, the team has numerous dedicated advisors. They offer assistance in various fields- academic reading, referencing, mathematics, basic computing, oral presentation, time-management, and writing skills. You may also avail of this support to enhance your study skills such as learning styles, exam techniques, note-taking, and memory skills.

Eastern Institute of Technology New Zealand also has a strong network of Harassment Contact People to help you in an event of harassment. They are supportive of your complaint, provide options for dealing with the issue, and offer support once the complaint process is done.

The institute has a student’s association, by the name of Younited, who act as the voice of students in EIT. They promote various cultural, social, and educational interests of students. The association also facilitates a positive learning environment that helps you achieve your educational goals.

Students with temporary or permanent impairments may avail of the Disability Liaison Service. This service team removes barriers that hampers the study process of the disabled students. Some of the available services include group support, alternative assessments, individual learning support, and adaptive technology, among others.

Some other facilities offered to students include careers counselling, cafeterias and restaurants, health centre, chaplaincy service, budget advice, and a prayer room. You may also benefit from the services of an International Student Support Officer, who is available for all queries, doubts, concerns, and non-judgmental support.

Indeed, the Eastern Institute of Technology lives up to what it stands for. It is here that you get “THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED & THE SUPPORT TO SUCCEED.”