Auckland Institute Of Studies

Auckland Institute Of Studies

Instituted in 1990, today Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) is one of New Zealand’s Best Private Colleges and a top destination for international students who wish to study in Auckland. It aimed to be a tertiary institute and continues to attract international students to its many innovative and contemporary programs. It has two campuses–one at St. Helens and the other at Asquith.

The AIS flexible three-semester system and cross-credit recognition allows students to fast-track their studies and to get a head start on their careers. Assistance is also provided to students on employment issues during and after their studies – this includes assistance with CV preparation and interview skills, job placement and internships.

  • Why Auckland Institute of Studies
  1. Value, Focus and Environment – Students take advantage of attractively priced, quality programs in business administration, international business, information technology, hospitality management and tourism management, complemented, if needed, by excellent support from the AIS English Language Centre. The teaching faculty value personal contact with students, and class numbers are kept low to maintain high quality standards. A multicultural, family-oriented environment by AIS provides a stimulating setting where overseas students can meet New Zealander’s, leading to close interaction across cultures and development of life-long friendships and personal networks.
  2. Staff & Student Support – Auckland Institute of Studies degree program lecturers are leaders in their disciplines, active in research, and well-published in fields relevant to their courses. Small class sizes maximize learning opportunities and the personal contact that students have with their teachers. AIS attaches great importance to the welfare of students on campus. Their multi-lingual Student Services Officers are experienced in dealing with problems faced by New Zealand and international students, and are always available to provide support during their studies.
  3. Employment & Internships – AIS provides assistance to students on all employment issues. This includes conducting workshops on CV preparation and interview techniques, and finding appropriate employment opportunities. Employers participate in their advisory committees to ensure programs are up to date providing practical training and develop work connections. The internship program provides opportunities for graduate and MBA students which may lead to full-time employment in New Zealand.
  4. Fast-Track Programs & Flexible Entry Dates – AIS has a flexible three-semester system (January/February, May and September each year) for undergraduate and graduate qualifications that allows students to fast-track their studies. Committed students can complete their programs in a shorter time than at traditional institutions, which reduces costs and allows faster entry into employment.
  5. Scholarships and Excellence Awards – Each semester AIS awards academic scholarships at undergraduate and graduate level, and certificates of academic excellence at postgraduate level, to high-performing students continuing their programs. Academic scholarships are based on academic results achieved in the previous two semesters, and certificates of academic excellence are based on the first 10 or 20 modules completed in the PGBDA and MBA programs.
  • Some of the Programs Offered


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration


  • Graduate Diploma in International Business
  • Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology


  • Diploma in International Business (Level 5)
  • Diploma in International Business (Level 6)
  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality Operations (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Hospitality Operations Management (Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Student Support Services
  • Employment – The AIS Student Careers Centre at the Asquith Campus, is available to assist students with gaining employment during studies and after graduation by advising on resume preparation, interview techniques and suitable placements for work experience. As part of the job-seeking process, the staff assists students and graduates to contact potential employers and set up interview arrangements.
  • Study Skills Workshops – The Study Skills Advisor holds workshops on specific study skills and strategies throughout the semester. These are free to attend and no appointment is necessary. Requests for group specific workshops (such as assignment/examination support) are also available by appointment.
  • Study Buddy Programs – Study Buddies are current AIS students who make themselves available on a voluntary basis to help other students with their academic studies. They are high-achieving, senior-level students who can support in the successful completion of courses, and help achieve academic goals. Participation in the Study Buddy program is free and is open to all enrolled AIS students.