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La Trobe University Sydney – Introduction

One of the most popular international destination for international students is Australia. The wide spaces of outback bush, cultural diversity, hopping kangaroos, and friendly natives are some of the few reasons why students wish to pursue their further education in the country. Besides, the Australian approach to teaching is a plus point that attracts many students from across the globe. The universities in the country are widely recognized for their top notch education system, numerous course offerings, state-of-the-art facilities, research centers, modern technology, and much more.

Among the numerous world-renowned Australian universities, the La Trobe University Sydney is among the best. Located right in the center of the city, you may explore Hyde Park from just over the university. The Sydney campus is a few minutes’ walk to exciting places including vibrant café districts, world-renowned icons, shopping centers, and much more. The primary factor, though, of studying at this university is the high quality of teaching, coupled with one-on-one support programs. A plus point is that the campus offers dynamic classrooms that adapt for various learning styles. You may also spot quiet study hubs and collaboration zones all around the campus. You may access the computer labs with the latest technology – at absolutely no cost. Besides, La Trobe University Sydney has a top floor library that offers breathtaking views of the city. The university also offers latest technology-enhanced teaching spaces with interactive whiteboards that makes learning more fun!

The La Trobe University indeed lives up to its motto – ‘Qui cherche trouve,’ which means whoever seeks shall find. Students seeking best-in-class education, excellent amenities, varied course options, academic excellence, may find it all under one roof at this university.

The La Trobe University ranking is quite high, proudly standing in the top two per cent of the world’s 20,000+ universities, based on data by Webometrics. Besides, the 2017 QS World University Rankings has positioned this University in the top 1.4 per cent of universities around the globe. It is no wonder that students choose this university to pursue their higher education. You too may explore this university as an option, and have a fruitful learning experience. You may seek the guidance of abroad education consultants to help you through the process.

  • Courses offered

The La Trobe University, undoubtedly, is one of the best Australian universities. It is currently ranked at position 56 according to the Times Higher Education Young Universities Rankings. This makes the university one of the world’s best young universities.

There are numerous reasons for this high world ranking. Besides world-class education system, best amenities, top research facilities, the university also boasts of numerous course options. La Trobe University offers courses in numerous fields – Arts, social sciences and communications, business and commerce, education and teaching, health, IT and engineering, law and criminology, science and much more.

Following is the list of courses offered at various levels.

  •  Bachelors
  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business, Financial Management
  • Bachelor of Business, Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Business, Management
  • Bachelor of Business, Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business, International Business
  • Bachelor of IT (Software development)
  •  Masters
  • Progress to Master of Professional Accounting (only)
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Management – Project Management

The La Trobe University Sydney is known for its courses at the Bachelors and Masters level. You may choose the best course based on your academic interest and subsequently pursue your further education with great zest. By doing so, you may achieve academic excellence and benefit from numerous international prospects.

  • Facilities offered

La Trobe University prides itself in offering the best facilities to their students. Such amenities help students to get the most out of their time in the university. Not only does the university offer academic support, but also ensures that students receive personal guidance and career support to march ahead on the pathway to success.

The university offers the benefit of ‘Student Mentors’ which helps you receive peer-tutoring sessions in your area of interest. Besides, you may also approach ‘Orientation Buddies’ who guide you and help you settle comfortably. They offer campus tours and also answer any type of queries that you may have.

Other facilities offered by the university are counselling services and resident psychologists. They provide the much-needed support when you need it the most. You may also consult Academic Skills Advisors to receive help on an academic front. You may also avail of IT support as and when the need arises. 

What’s more is that the university offers free legal advice for international students at the Redfern Legal Centre. You may seek advice on numerous issues, ranging from accommodation to domestic violence, from car accidents to student visa problems.

As far as accommodation is concerned, La Trobe University Sydney Campus has numerous accommodation options that is best suited for your budget and lifestyle. You may utilize the University contacts to find the perfect place for your stay in Australia.

The University also offers career support to prepare for your life beyond La Trobe. You may seek help while drafting your resume, and may also receive guidance for your interview preparation. In case you wish to receive career advice, you may seek the help of professional career advisors. 

The university also offers internship and casual job placement through the ‘Job Advantage Program.’

  • Scholarships

The good news is that La Trobe University offers recognition to deserving students in the form of scholarships. Such scholarships prove to be beneficial to those international students in dire need of finance.

Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework may avail of up to 25% reduction on their course fees. The La Trobe College Excellence Scholarship (CES) is awarded to high-achieving international students enrolled into undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs. The La Trobe University also offers postgraduate research scholarships, as well as The Australia Awards scheme and Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships based on merit.

Scholarships up to $3000 are available to those who score 75% or higher in year 12th. This scholarship will be paid against 2nd year tuition fee. You may also avail of a $7500 scholarship if you score 85% and above in Diploma of Business or IT, and a $5000 scholarship if you score 80% and above. It is important to note that scholarship applications are by invitation only.

You may therefore enjoy the financial benefit of such study abroad scholarships, and pursue your higher education without any worry.