Yorkville University 

 1. Introduction

Canada is a country that celebrates multiculturalism. It is here that you are bound to find students coming in from all across the globe to fulfil their dream of higher education. This north-American country boasts of an enviable quality of life and a lower cost of living as compared to other countries like USA, UK, and France. The cost of various amenities and facilities such as transportation, housing, and tuition is comparatively lower.

Canada is known for its world-class education and offers diplomas, graduation and post-graduation degrees that are recognized all across the world. What’s more is that is that international students are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit program under the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) policy. Working while you study not only allows you to cover your living expenses, but also is an invaluable way to gain work experience.

If you are looking to pursue your higher education at a Canadian university, the Yorkville University is your best bet. The University, founded in 2003, has its campuses at Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. All three Yorkville University campus offer diploma, bachelors and master’s programs that are personally rewarding and help contribute to the betterment of the society.

The University is widely known for providing its students with challenging academic content, which is delivered by professionals engaged in their fields of knowledge. The faculty possess appropriate credentials for teaching and are committed to excellence. The University provides fast-track graduation opportunities and scheduling that allows you to maximize your part-time work opportunities. You may also avail of small class size for increased interactivity with the faculty.

Yorkville University believes in offering practitioner-oriented programs that allow students to establish professional careers. Through the academic programs, students may successfully integrate studies with their professional and personal lives.

The University offers a highly collaborative, supportive, and interactive learning community, thereby enabling students to get the most out of their courses. It is, therefore, no doubt that this University is the best choice if you are looking to fast-track your education and balance work and family commitments.

2. Courses offered:

You may make a well-informed program choice from numerous course offerings. Following are the courses offered to international students.

a) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This program is structured in a three-term year. Each term consists of four courses with a summer break in July. The intake for this program is generally four times a year – January, April, July and October. The specializations offered under the Bachelor of Business Administration include:

  • Specialization in Project Management – This specialization encourages students to work on case studies and examples relevant to the existing job market. The program is practically oriented, and focuses on agile project management, creating plans for risk management, human resources, procurement of sample projects, and much more. This specialization course is offered at the Yorkville University Ontario campus and at British Columbia.
  • Specialization in Accounting – If you always believed that you have a calling for Accountancy, then this specialization is designed just for you. It provides analytical, technical and interpretive skills required to excel in the field of accounting.
  • Specialization in Energy Management – Designed to gain specialized knowledge with respect to the energy industry, the Specialization in Energy Management course helps you gain an understanding in electricity, natural gas and oil market. You will learn about the decision-making role of the operations manager along with federal and provincial government policy and regulations.
  • Specialization in Supply Chain Management – Right from purchasing to sales and distribution, you may enhance your knowledge in the understanding of supply chain functioning. This specialization focuses on various aspects, such as inventory management, logistics, bidding and negotiation, enterprise system evaluation, supplier selection, client service, and much more.

In order to be eligible to apply for any of the specializations offered under the Bachelor of Business Administration program, it is imperative to provide proof of English proficiency. The University mandates an IELTS or equivalent score of 6.5 and higher for enrollment.

Bachelor of Interior Design

This 3-year program is widely known for having a practitioner oriented and skills-based approach. Through the contents of the course, you may successfully develop the skills to become an interior designer, such as creative problem solving skills, cultural and ecological awareness, visual literacy, and understanding of the industry’s business side. These skills will help you gain expertise in the latest technical and digital media, thereby allowing you to launch a rewarding career in the ever-growing and competitive marketplace.

The Bachelor of Interior Design requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent). If you have a lower IELTS score, you may still be eligible to enroll for the program by successfully completing the ESL Pathway Program.

3. Pathway program

Students with less than the minimum required IELTS scores may enroll for the ESL Pathway Program. Through the program, you become eligible to be accepted to the courses at the Yorkville University Ontario campus. The program is designed in accordance with two levels of study in a 12-week duration and 25 hours of instruction per week. The main goal of the ESL Pathway Program is to help you develop English language skills for speaking, writing, reading and comprehension, thereby making you ready to pursue your desired course at the university of your dreams.

4. Amenities

If you are seeking help during the course of your program, it helps to know that Yorkville University offers a host of amenities to assist you with all sort of issues, including academic and of personal nature.

On an academic front, the University provides three Academic Calendars- one for each of its campus in the country. These calendars offer general information with respect to University policies, deadlines, important dates, and services offered. You may also use the calendar to find details about certain regulations, such as codes of conduct, requirements for graduation, and a lot more.

The University offers access to an online library of resources. The library and its resources are available at your disposal at all times. You may access scholarly databases, such as Proquest and EBSCO, government documents, statistical sources, peer-reviewed open access journals, ebooks, as well as professional associations and organizations.

In addition to scholarly databases, the University offers Subject Guide help to assist you in your respective programs. A web portal of links to reputable information sources is made available for all subjects – be it education, psychology, or business. For instance, students who major in Psychology may benefit from counseling journals, counselling internet sites, professional associations, and much more.

In addition to these Internet resources and database, the University offers learning support to its students through numerous ways. You may receive advice on various aspects of academics, like citation styles, managing research, searching for information through the Student Online Support (SOS) site. This helps you refine your research and obtain the necessary assistance to complete your course work without any hassles. You may also buy ebooks and use print textbooks and electronic textbooks.

On a non-academic front, there are a lot of fun things to do in and around the campus. In your free time, you may visit the Campus Store. This store sells University merchandise at affordable prices. The store has a wide assortment of hoodies, t-shirts, and caps, to name a few!

So, what are you waiting for? It is indeed time to take the much-needed leap in your career by having a fun-filled and enriching learning experience at Yorkville University in Canada.