Studying in New Zealand – Ultimate Guide for Indian Students

Deciding to study abroad for Indians is not easy, however there are many reasons to consider New Zealand as your best study option. We have attempted at building a comprehensive guide for the benefit of Indian students

So, Why New Zealand for Education? Overall quality and reputation of the Universities, Polytechnics and Private Training Institutions or Private Colleges  is top-notch. The institutions are diverse in size and location, and offer a wide range of general and specialized courses.

Below we share some of the main advantages:

  • International recognition of qualifications obtained.
  • Experience and training of teachers.
  • Hospitality and good reception from families who offer their homes to international students, in addition to its friendly inhabitants.
  • Innovative and modern society.
  • Chance to meet safely across the country – New Zealand is the first country according to Global Peace Index 2010
  • Breadth and diversity of infrastructure and services that are accessible to all
  • Mild climate all months of the year.
  • Variety of recreational and cultural experiences are available in a country known for its rugged natural beauty.
  • Political stability to ensure the safety of visitors

Quality of life

Auckland (# 4) and Wellington (# 12) are found in the survey of Mercer 2010 Quality of Living, and the same, within the category Eco-city ranking Wellington (# 5) and Auckland (# 13) is located. New Zealand is considered the most peaceful country in the world. It ranked first in the 2009 Global Peace Index, for its low crime and high level of education.

Their long tradition of teaching English

If you’re thinking of learning English in New Zealand, you’ll find highly qualified teachers and schools and language schools for great professionalism. No wonder New Zealand has one of the educational systems with the highest success rates in the OECD and New Zealanders in general education and take the job very seriously.


The climate is mild with average temperatures from 10 ° C to 16 °, though climatic conditions vary in each region going wet in the east to semi-arid and cold inside in the south.

Cost of living

The average monthly expenditure ranges between 1000 and 1200 NZD, Big Mac combo worth $ 6 NZD, like a frozen meal, lodging in an apartment is 140 NZD per week and a bus ticket 2 NZD. Going to the movies 9 NZD. Students usually manage to live in 800-900NZD per month and maintain a high standard of living.


New Zealand has a high standard of living compared to southern Europe and the largest cities are considered among the 15 best quality of life in the world. New Zealanders depend heavily on exports mainly agricultural products. Other key sectors of the economy are industry, construction and raw material extraction.


The most popular sports are rugby, cricket, bowling, netball, motor racing, soccer, golf and swimming. The most recognized sport in the country is rugby, whose team has won the world title.


The Kiwis kept the British habit of drinking a cup of tea in the morning and one in the afternoon around 3 or 4 and dinner at 6 or 7 Maori greeting with a hug or the traditional hongi in, it has nose together with closed eyes and makes a soft sound.


In New Zealand primary and secondary education is compulsory for children between 6 and 16 years. This country has a literacy rate of 99% and half of the population has access to higher education.

Methods of work

From January 2014 foreign students enrolled in full time study at all levels of study at least 14 weeks and institutions Category 1 (the vast majority of Global Connection institutions are represented in this category) can work up to 20 hours per week. Similarly, they can work those who are making a career or graduate school.

There is no doubt that studying abroad in New Zealand is a fantastic idea. Student Job Search is a national organization that helps find work and has offices in several campuses of tertiary institutions. As a student, working in a restaurant or bar or doing manual tasks, you can expect a salary of  13-20 NZD per hour (less taxes). The minimum wage is 13.75 per hour

As stated, it is considered a safe country more peaceful world with high quality of life. Education is a key pillar for development and people are very friendly. There is no doubt that New Zealand will amaze you. As if it was not enough, you can perform various adventure sports and weather is favorable for this.

Cultural immersion

For these reasons, from Kauri-Language, there is much more than a purely linguistic process; the best offer is based on cultural immersion, addressing the acquisition of knowledge from all aspects that determine the daily life of a person, that English is acquired in context and students have an experiential reference on which to build the linguistic structures.

To achieve this we have developed in such a unique environment like New Zealand, a full program of courses, tailored to the needs and the real motivations of each person to make possible its objective.

You can certainly study English in New Zealand, where you will also have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week, and enjoy one of the nicest and safest destinations in the world with a style ideal for outdoor sports life. New Zealand is a unique place to learn English or study for a degree or master, because it is recognized for its high quality institutions, diverse in size and location offering a wide range of general and specialized courses with  international approval.

Most often, courses with paid work in New Zealand let you study and then helps you to find 3 job interviews in the service industries, agriculture, sales which allows you to gain work experience.

State aid and scholarships

Foreign students can apply for state aid to New Zealand to subsidize their studies in the country. In most cases, scholarships are offered to students from Asian countries geographically close to the country (Japan, China and Australia). Anyway studies students from other countries through New Zealand Development Scholarship are also financed. Find out more detail.

Anyone who studies in New Zealand for more than 6 months, making a full-time course can legally work 20 hours per week. This incentive not only puts New Zealand on the same platform competition with Australia and other international markets, but also opens doors for international students more aware of their natural beauty and excellent quality of its educational institutions.

Government rules for different categories

Check with the embassy or consulate of New Zealand in relation to work or not, while studying. The government periodically modifies the rules for work permit for students. Among the advantages of studying in New Zealand, we highlight the lowest cost relative to other destinations as well as the quality of the courses offered that are so good, they are all recognized in the U.S., Europe and Australia. And that has caused about 90,000 students per year from around the world (including the U.S.) for that course hundreds of options offered.

To study in New Zealand NZ government established rules for different categories and it is worth remembering that for those countries with which New Zealand made diplomatic agreements, pre visa is not required. This means that the visa will be given on arrival at the airport, being enough for that you meet the conditions of entry and have a valid passport.

New Zealand Education for International Students is a majestic alternative. Currently, during 2014, there are many changes in job duties taking place. These new regulations allow more students studying Diplomas to find high quality part-time work. Such modifications also provide full-time labor rights (full-time) during scheduled for international students who take a course of an academic year or more and get right to work without limits to international PhD students (PhD) and Master Rentals (Masters) doing research / studies (research students) in synthesis:

– All international students enrolled in a Diploma for  at least 14 weeks on a high quality Education Provider  will be entitled to work up to 20 hours a week.

– All international students enrolled in tertiary level course of at least one academic year will be able to work full time during each semester break scheduled (not only during the summer).

– International Students PhD and Masters research have unlimited labor rights.

For these and other reasons we feel that New Zealand meets the standards to be perhaps one of the best places to learn English abroad. Been on occasion in New Zealand? Would you like this country? You will surely enjoy the diversity of ecosystems in the country, the Alpine glaciers and colossal mountains provide the perfect setting for skiing, while its long sandy beaches have made popular the practice of sea kayaking. Overall, New Zealand guarantees excellent quality, diversity and adventure, at a fair price, it is definitely a great option.

You can also check if there are any scholarships provided by institutions to study in New Zealand. Consulates have a relationship more attached to the city as it is a representation of the public administration and its mission is based on protecting national of your country, do powers, processing passports, visas and other official documents. See a list of diplomatic missions from New Zealand in other countries, as in New Zealand from other nations.

Overall, depending on the course, such professional position will be in demand in New Zealand, and that involves a number of extra benefits.  Put these in point form

1.One is provided granting of permission to work legally in this field of study. 2.The second extra points are in a process of residence if the student would develop professionally in New Zealand or even immigrate ever. Many industries in NZ have shortage of qualified professionals and why New Zealand is giving incentives to resolve the situation. There are two types of list, a “long term”, where there is demand and other “Immediate”, who are professionals in emergency demand may be temporary however. For a list click here.  But best of all, is to study in a small country, where everything is close and there is stress within cities. Life can be quiet or agitated according to what you would like to do. The natural beauty, fresh air, and places to meet with breathtaking scenery, make New Zealand a perfect place for students of all nationalities country.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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