University of Niagara Falls, Canada

The University of Niagara Falls, Canada (UNFC), which is creative and digitally focused, educates graduates in digital leadership. This technology-centered approach prioritizes students and provides a cutting-edge learning framework that adapts to new technologies and processes.

Students will learn from industry leaders and highly experienced faculties. Also, work-integrated learning will provide them with experience and a foundation for career success. Their programs cater to the changing needs of the global workforce today and in the future.

The university enables students to navigate the digital world and gives them the chance, experience, and vision to lead the way and close the digital skills gap.

UNFC’s Vision and Mission

UNFC aims to provide “innovative education and research for a digital world.” The university tailors its academic programs to business and industry, equipping students with both current and future skills. Niagara Falls University, like many other Canadian universities, has a bicameral governing structure.

The Board of Governors governs the institution and sets its strategic direction, including legal and financial duties comparable to those of public university boards. The Academic Council includes senior administrative officials, faculty, staff, students, and alums. It sets academic programs, rules, and standards. The government of Niagara Falls is highly invested in the University and the mayor of Niagara Falls is a big supporter of the University.

Major Courses Offered

●     Master of Data Analytics

Data research is one of Canada’s fastest-growing jobs. When you finish your Master of Data Analytics, you’ll be ready to start a job as a big data professional. Over 18-month terms, students complete this 48-credit curriculum. It concentrates on practical applications and offers specializations in general analytics, marketing analytics, and operations analytics.        

●     Master of Management

Graduates possess the knowledge and practical experience required for digital transformation and entrepreneurship opportunities. Students require a recognized bachelor’s degree that is at least as good as a four-year honors degree in the right field or related degree, with a CGPA of 3.0 or higher on a scale of 4.33.

●     Master of Arts in Digital Media and Global Communications

It’s more important to speak clearly because the world of media is changing so quickly. You will learn how to use your voice to lead global talks and tell stories that really hit home with the people you want to reach with an MA in Digital Media and Global Communications. You can improve your digital marketing, online branding, and asset management skills.

●     Honors Bachelor of Business Administration

Students currently enrolled in the Honors BBA program are entitled to a free Associate Membership in the association. This association allows UNF students to belong to Canada’s chartered management and leadership association while earning their degrees. You can develop expertise in e-commerce, fintech, supply chain management, and new technologies.

●     Honors Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences

Start your medical career with the Pre-Med Pathway, partnered with two top medical schools: Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and Saba University School of Medicine (SABA). BSc graduates with a 3.0 GPA or higher will get one year of transfer credits toward a medical degree at either partner institution.

●     Graduate Foundation

All Universities in the Ontario province require a 4 years bachelor degree to qualify for the Masters. For students who have a 3 year Bachelors degree from India, they can do the 3 month Graduate Foundation program which is the 4th year of the Bachelors. Hence they can qualify to study a Masters at UNFC even though they have 3 years degree. The Graduate Foundation Program requires three undergraduate courses (9 credits) in one semester.  Applicants to UNF graduate programs who do not meet the entrance standards but have a 2.67 undergraduate GPA and English Language Proficiency may be eligible for the Graduate Foundation Program. Students may choose three courses from the following:

  • COMM 140: Business Communications (3)
  • BUSI 110: Digital Business Fundamentals (3)
  • MATH 201: Business Statistics (3) (required for entry to Master of Data Analytics)
  • CPSC 201: Business Information Systems and Emerging Technologies (3)
  • BUSI 321: International Business (3)
  • CPSC 355: Big Data (3)
  • PHIL 210: Business Ethics (3)
  • BUSI 401: Managerial Decision-Making (3)
  • BUSI 420: Leadership and Management (3) 

Reasons to Choose UNF

  • Focus on students

The success of a university depends on its students’ success and the quality of their experience. The innovative, dedicated, world-class professors of the UNFC will guide you through college. They’ll focus on your success and help you find a fulfilling job with vast industry knowledge.

  • Top-notch campus

Their new campus has amazing study, networking, and collaboration areas. Their unique programs have shaped the campus, equipping you with all the necessary resources for academic and professional success.

  • Customized learning

Students have many entrance points and additional job- and work-integrated learning possibilities with our year-round term system. Some of their programs, such as specializations and high-impact majors, allow you to tailor your education to your job goals.

  • Awards and scholarships

To help you, the UNF offers entry rewards and academic grants. The Registrar’s Office has allocated over $5 million in scholarships and awards for 2024 admissions. Additionally, you can apply for a government scholarship to further your education.

  • Life in Canada

Niagara Falls draws millions of tourists from around the world to see its beauty. The city and region has a significant influence on UNFC. A thriving community of international students will find ample opportunities to learn, innovate, work, and have fun.