Do You Want to Study and Work in New Zealand?

New Zealand is known throughout the world for its quality education and beauty. In New Zealand, many universities offer the program of on-the-job training.

If you are currently studying in New Zealand and if you want to work in New Zealand after completing your degree, then you must obtain a Visa under the Study to Work section. To acquire a work Visa, you must fulfill some medical and personal requirements. You can obtain the Visa more easily if you are well-qualified.

Post –Study Work Visa for Students Who Are Not Working

If you have completed your degree in New Zealand, but yet if you have not acquired a job in this nation, then you can obtain a Post-study Work Visa. This visa is valid up to 12 months or 1 year. When you secure a job, then you can again apply for a work visa that is valid for 2 or 3 years.  If you want to obtain the Post-study work Visa, then you must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. You must complete a diploma/degree or a qualification in New Zealand. The duration of the course should be at least 1 year.
  2. You can apply for a visa for less than 3 months and for 6 months, if you have a Doctorate degree
  3. You must reveal your bank balance or any other income statement to prove that you can spend money for your basic needs comfortably for 12 months.

Post-Study Work Visa for Students Who Have Obtained a Job

If you have already obtained a job equivalent to your qualification, then you can acquire a work visa for:

  1. 2 years or
  2. 3 years if you intend to get a registration or membership form from the professional association of New Zealand. So, you must have two years of prior experience if you want to obtain this Visa.

     To obtain 2 years or 3 years Visa, you must produce evidence:

  • You must prove that the job that you have obtained aligns with your qualification.
  • You must also portray that you have attained the degree successfully by revealing your degree certificate.
  • You must produce more evidence if you are obtaining a 3 year Visa from the New Zealand Chartered Accountant or New Zealand Architect Board. You are required to state that you require membership to comply your duties. The professional association should be ensured that the job that you have secured aligns with your qualification. They should state that your job experience meets the requirements of the professional associations. You must also prove that your qualification meets the standards of the professional associations. If you are qualified, will help you to comply with the formalities.

If you are applying for a work Visa directly after completing your qualification and if you have not secured a job, then you can apply it only for 3 months.

Qualification Requirement for Study to Work Visa

You must successfully complete a degree or a qualification that is eligible for the Skilled Migrant Category.

  1. You must hold a qualification at Level 7 or more according to the New Zealand Qualification Framework. You must have studied that degree in New Zealand for at least one year.
  2. You must at least study 2 year qualification for level 4 to level 6 as evaluated by the New Zealand Qualification Framework. You must study such courses for at least 2 years in New Zealand.
  3. The student can present at least two qualifications of level 4 to level 6 as evaluated by the New Zealand Qualification Framework and the student should study each degree for at least one year in New Zealand. The level of one degree should be higher than the other degree.

Steps for applying for Study to Work Visa

  • If you want to apply for Study to Work category Visa, then you must visit the who will provide you assistance to complete your formalities and provide you important services such as:
  • Counseling
  • Obtaining Admission
  • Remittance of Fees
  • Visa Processing that includes PCC
  • Visa Filing

You must provide the following important documents to that is essential for further processing.

  • You must fill the form INZ 1015 or INZ 1016 form that is provided by
  • Along with the application form, you must also pay the exact amount of fee for further processing. All the travel documents or passport also should be submitted. The documents that you submit should be valid for at least 3 months from the date that you plan to leave New Zealand. You must attach a photograph of passport size to the column as indicated.
  • If the information is not complete, then the form cannot be processed further. You must submit an original document if you want to apply the NZ 1015 Visa or NZ 1016 Visa. But if you want to apply for other Visas, you must submit photocopies of the documents only as the documents will not be returned to you.
  • The students who want to apply for a student Visa to go to New Zealand should first attend a counseling session provided by Then you can know the types of courses that are available and choose the course that is most suitable to you.
  • To start the registration process, you must register with to navigate the various processes of Visa. Once, you complete the registration process, and then you must fill the application form of the institution where you want to study.
  • During this process, you must submit various academic documents to prove your intelligence. You must also prove your proficiency in English language.
  • After filling the admission form, you must undergo different medical and PCC tests by visiting doctors nearby. You visit the doctors that are approved by New Zealand medical association and provides you the assistance to find approved doctors.
  • You must obtain the Police Clearance Certificate at the same time and this service will be provided by Then you must undergo the lodgment process and then pay the tuition fees by the means of Telegraphic Transfer or Direct Debit process.
  • After the process is over, you will soon be notified whether your application has been selected or not. So, you can collect the passport and then plan for accommodation.
  • You can visit the immigration and placement consultants such as to acquire information about the travel arrangements. You can also get comprehensive information about factors such as air ticketing, foreign exchange and insurance.

Thus, you can easily arrive in New Zealand and settle here. Once you impart education in New Zealand, you can easily acquire a job here.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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