How to select the best overseas education consultant?

There is a firm belief amongst Indian students that the forgein education system as compared to the Indian education system delivers high-quality education and opens up the gateway for different career opportunities. That’s the reason why Indian students spend around 4500 crores every year on their foreign education. As the number of Indian students going abroad for further education is increasing, so the number of overseas education consultants in Mumbai is increasing. They offer valuable and professional guidance as to which country and university are the best for their desired course.

These consultant agencies also act as the visa counselors who prepare and file visa applications and make traveling arrangements, handle the fees transfer process, etc. But which consultant agency is the best and delivers the prominent advice? As there are numerous agencies available, it becomes a tedious task for the students to choose the reliable overseas education consultants near me. To solve this problem, in this blog we have mentioned a few tips that you can follow to select the best overseas education consultants. Let’s know it

Background matters

The overseas education consultant you are choosing should be properly checked. You should know their background very well so that you may not get involved in any fraud. You need to know about how long they are in this industry and what is their working style. Knowing and researching about their background can make you know about their proficiency.

Check out their review

You should check out the reviews of the consultant you are choosing for your overseas education. Go and check their past client’s reviews on the internet and look what other individuals are saying about your chosen education consultant.

Ask questions about their expertise

It’s recommended that you should choose the education consultant only after knowing their expertise. Don’t forget and make sure to ask as many questions about as possible. Hence you can come to know what’s their expertise and where they are lacking behind. Meanwhile, you may get confirmation whether they are perfect for being your education consultant or not. Get to know about their track records too and research how well they place their students to their desired and respective universities and colleges. You need to be sure that they follow the stepwise process so that they are not involved in fraud.


Throughout the whole process, make sure that the education the consultant you have chosen is transparent in their working system. Because the agency is transparent you can trust them fully and not get involved in fraud. However, if you are thinking that they are hiding something, ask them about it. If they clear it well and good, but if not then choose some other education consultant. These are some of the tips that will help you in choosing and finalizing the best overseas education consultant in MumbaiIf you are looking for a smooth and hassle way process of professional guidance for abroad education, then choose your consultant by considering the above tips.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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