Business Studies Abroad

Many students prefer to take up business studies because they can climb the peak of their career. Many top companies invite experts with deep knowledge in commerce or business studies for the CEO position. Such professionals can handle complex matters related to finance, accounting, information science, management, marketing and the other subjects related to business studies. To build a bright career and a future, many students even plan to study abroad for higher studies today. Usually, those students who are planning to specialize in this subject plan to go abroad. A student can attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies in this subject in his or her hometown. After graduation, a student can go to nations such as New Zealand, Australia, US, or Canada to specialize in this subject. Even software graduates or those students who have attained a degree in Information Technology can specialize in this subject abroad. Such students can build a very bright career in their hometown or in the immigrated nation. If a student wants to study abroad, then he should preferably attain a graduate degree in his hometown.

New Zealand Institutes for Business Studies

Today New Zealand is one of the most ideal places to learn business studies; and Auckland in New Zealand is one of the most suitable cities. Some of the well-known universities of New Zealand that provide training in business studies include AIS –Auckland Institute of Studies, ICL Business School, Royal Business College, UNITEC, Massey University, etc. In New Zealand today, almost 100 large and reputed business concerns are established which include Inland Revenue, Alliance Group Limited, and Auckland Council. Apart from these companies, many companies are engaged in providing financial and accounting consultancy services such as Admiral Finance, Pioneer Finance, MARAC Finance, etc. After completing the Business Studies Degree in New Zealand, a student can easily obtain a job in any of these top companies. After specializing in the related subject a student can secure a job by obtaining a Work Study Visa in New Zealand.

Institutes in US for Business Studies

The United States of America is one of the most developed nations of the world and rated among the G-8 countries. US is one of the best suited nations for business studies students. In the U.S., if you study in the Illinois College, then you can build a very bright future. You can study several short and semester programs. If you need any financial assistance, you can even apply for scholarships here. You can find several reputed universities that teach finance. Some of the reputed business schools out here in US include the Harvard School of Business, Duke University, MIT Sloan School of Management, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, etc. The students can enroll for a 2-year program and a student can secure an associate degree by studying for two years. A student can attain a Bachelor’s Degree by studying for 4 years. The students can seek student loan or even scholarship if he or she is seeking for financial assistance from the federal government.

Graduate students can even apply for Masters Degree Program. Some of the accredited institutions of the US that offer Business Studies Programs include the Culverhouse College of Commerce, Raymond J. Harbert College of Business, Eller College of Management, etc. The University of Manchester, Wichita State University, Murray State University offers various programs in International Management and Studies. A student can attain an Honors Degree also after studying the four-year course. A non-resident should study in large American universities to build a bright career. A student can study only undergraduate course in American colleges and they are smaller. In the US, a student has several options for choosing a university. Also, several types of programs, courses and subjects are available offered by various universities. After completing his/her degree studies, a student can choose the job that is most ideal for them. In the US, people from various counterparts of the world are settled and hence different people follow different types of cultures and lifestyles. So, a non-resident can easily adjust to the social and cultural environment of the US nation.

Scope of Business Studies in Australia

Australia is also one of the finest places for learning. Graduate or undergraduate students from other nations can study many types of subjects such as business studies, information technology, arts, etc. Some of the notable universities in Australia that provide specialized training in business studies include The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Southern Cross University, Curtin University, etc. The Universities in Australia provide various types of courses in business studies such as Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Business and Commerce. They provide post graduation degrees also such as Master of Business in International Trade, Master of Business Law, Master of Management etc. The World Internships, with their U.S. office based in Northhampton, Massachussets offer tailored internship programs across the globe in 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US and UK provide practical training to the students to gain experience in the field of business studies and help them build skills. They conduct internships to the people who are aged between 18 and 30 years. They also provide placement assistance to the students who complete their internship program.

Business Studies Scope in Canada

In Canada, a student can study several undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada was surveyed to be the best schools for business studies. A student can study a bachelor’s degree, diploma degree, or a certificate course to build a bright career. The student can also choose various subjects for specialization that  relate to business studies.  Some of the degrees offered by the Canadian Universities include Business of Administration, Business Management, Commerce and International Business, etc. After studying various courses from the Canadian universities, the international students can work on campus for a year without obtaining a work permit. The Canadian government is also planning to provide scope to the international students to work off-campus. Some of the reputed business schools of Canada include McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queens University, Queens School of Business, Georgian College etc. In Canadian Universities, a student can study a subject in depth in a theoretical way and gain practical experience by engaging in internship programs. The Canadian institutes are always well-equipped with modern equipments and technologies and these institutes are well-known throughout the world because of the excellent infrastructure.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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