Culinary Skills and Hospitality

If there is one thing that Canada is known for, it is their hospitality. No other country is the world is as accommodating and multi-cultural as dear Canada. What else could a student at the threshold of a brand new career dream of?

In that case why not learn Hospitality from the best? Canada offers some really great programs on Hospitality through its fleet of fantastic institutes.  Another fantastic syllabus that one can take up in Canada is Cookery and Patisserie. These are two industries that the world can never tire of. After all, what everybody wants most is a sumptuous meal and a warm bed.

Here are some of the institutes in Canada that you could consider for a practical education in the field of Hospitality and Culinary skills:

  1. Georgia College

They claim to be your home away from home. And why shouldn’t they? With their amicable staff and a host of pre-admission and student services, they are a great place to learn and grow, just like home. They believe in involving students in decision making to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership, which inculcates qualities of leadership that cannot be learnt from books.

  1. George Brown

The practical approach of George Brown towards curriculum is a fantastic way to learn something that you will always apply in your business and field. Their professors are experts from their respective industries thus, imparting very practical and updated knowledge. This also provides immense support in terms of advice or contacts easily accessible both during and after the program.

  1. Sheridan College

Sheridan gives you the boost that you need to fast track your career. Their approach ensures you have a practical approach to applying knowledge. They have enthusiastic and active communities for Arts and sports, Night life and nature, Food and fun. This ensures a fantastic exposure to multi-cultures and a great college experience.

  1. Lambton College

With one of the best Hospitality and Culinary courses, Lambton is a key choice for both students and recruiters from industry. The institute provides well-rounded experience in both subjects with global cultural exposure due to its large community of international students. Automatically boosting your credentials, global cultural exposure being one of the most sought after requirement of a successful candidate in the industry.

  1. St Lawrence College

International students say that they find SLC to be everything that they expected and everything worth living away from home for. State-of-the-art facilities, a wide array of in house services to ensure that you don’t have to get distracted from your curriculum and top-notch opportunities to learn, experience and absorb practical knowledge. With campuses at Cornwell, Brockville and Kingston, they have a great hands-on-learning program through field placement, which readies you for the practical needs of a full-time job. Their well-knit communities will never let you feel alone and make student life an unforgettable experience with continuous buzz and excitement of activities. Its diverse group of students from all over the world provides a great learning platform for not just life lessons but also in Hospitality and Culinary industries.

Don’t miss to look at these colleges:

Selkirk College: Popular for its vocational programs, their Culinary Management program is based on gastronomic, leadership and management philosophies. Combined with their in-depth tourism course, you can expect to be supported by a knowledgeable background as you prepare international cuisines.

Humber College: Practical learning, hands-on experience and a well experienced and highly connected faculty that loves what it does make Humber a student’s preferred choice for college education. They believe that their diverse student community is a reflection of Canada and the world, thus making the stay for international students extremely welcome and a pleasant experience.

Seneca College:Seneca believes in students’ dreams and in materializing them. Thus their programs offer a world of opportunity and experiences to prepare you for making your dreams come true.

If you are looking at making your career in culinary skills and hospitality and studying abroad is your choice, then Canada is the place to go. Getting an admission is easy, college life is fun and enriching and finally it is the pathway to get a job and settle down in Canada.

Dreaming of a lucrative career in Hospitality or Culinary Skills, think Canada.  You can always look up on us for any assistance that you need to move ahead in the directions to your dreams; we will be more than happy to assist you in achieving your dream.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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