Engineering and IT Studies Abroad

Many students today prefer to study engineering and IT in countries such as US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand because they can build a very bright career in the field of IT and engineering. They can also obtain a permanent Visa easily and permanently settle in this country by securing a top-notch job. If they return to their hometown, they can obtain a high-position job in a top company.

Many students study master’s degree in engineering in countries such as US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. After completing a graduate degree in engineering, they gain work experience in the related field for some years in their own country. So, to study further and enhance their career, they plan to study advanced engineering degree abroad. The process for securing a merit seat for engineering study abroad is not easy. A student should possess a very high academic record. Usually IT students prefer to study abroad because they can learn advanced concepts and applications in the related field. Some of the students prefer to study bachelor’s and diploma courses in the field of IT abroad.

IT and Engineering Study in Canada

The process of securing admissions in Canadian institutions is not very simple. Some institutions in Canada grant admissions to only those students who secure 70% or B grade. Some institutions, even admit students who have scored 80% marks or more.  The officers are seeking for only those students who have secured very good marks in the subjects of chemistry, physics and mathematics. The students should prove his proficiency in English language and should pass the English tests such as TOEFL or equivalent exams such as IELTS. Some of the notable universities of Canada that provide quality engineering education include the University of Toronto, University of Calgary, University of Manitoba, etc. In Canada, different types of engineering programs are available such as aerospace, computer aided design, electronics, IT etc. Most of the Canadian universities offer 4 year to 5 year course of study. Most of the engineering programs of Canada are rated by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. In Canada, many community colleges are established who provide associate degree of engineering and a bachelor’s degree of engineering.

Studying Engineering in US

Some of the engineering colleges that are popular for international students in the US include the University of Missouri, Lamar University, University of Bridgeport, University of Buffalo, Wichita State University, Murray State University. The process of admission differs from institution to institution. Most of the engineering schools in US conduct high-level math test for the international students. The engineering students should approach to find out about institutions before planning to study abroad because they will know the different specialization courses offered by various institutions. A student can enroll in a bachelor’s degree of engineering because they can surely obtain an entry-level job in any industry. If you have secured high marks in physics, chemistry and math in the second year of college, then you are surely eligible for the engineering degree program in the US. The cost of tuition fees for IT and engineering field may be high, but the candidate imparts quality education. The students with good performance can be awarded with scholarships or provided financial aid by the Federal Government. The various scholarships offered by the government include the Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship Scholarship and Sports Scholarships, etc. Before you choose any university, you must ensure that it is rated by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. On completion of a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Engineering or IT in the US, you become eligible for the OPT – Optional Practical Training for 29 months and the student can stay back in the US and work and gain valuable work experience.

Engineering Studies in New Zealand

Today, many colleges and institutions in New Zealand offer IT education to the international students. Some of the well-known institutions in New Zealand include the University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, Auckland University of Technology, and Massey University. There are also various Institutes of Technology – ITPs like Unitec, Wintec, Manukau Institute of Technology, MIT, Waiariki Institute of Technology, UCOL, etc that offer specialized diplomas and degrees in engineering and Information Technology. Before choosing any University or college in New Zealand, the student should confirm that the University is rated by the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand.  The five degrees of engineering that are accredited by the IPENZ include the Undergraduate Degrees, Conjoint Degrees, Graduate degree with honors, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates.  The post-graduate degrees that are recognized include the master’s degree, postgraduate certificates, postgraduate study, and higher degrees. Most of the universities of New Zealand provide scholarships to the students also. These degrees are internationally recognized and so you can return to your home country and seek for a job. You can also obtain a high-position job in New Zeeland.

Engineering Studies for International Students in Australia

Some of the reputed engineering schools in Australia include the Monash University, University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and Queensland University of Technology. The engineering institutes of Australia are recognized by Institution of Engineers Australia and so their degrees are internationally recognized. The universities will be accredited by the Institute only if they provide quality education, infrastructure and facilities, and if the score of the students is consistently high every year. So, the graduates from these universities surely will secure a good profile job in any counterparts in the world. Some of the engineering degrees provided by the Australian institutes include the Bachelor of Engineering, Diploma of Engineering, Master of Engineering, Graduate Diploma in Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science, etc. The University of Melbourne is ranked as No. 1 and if any international student completes his/her graduation from this institution, and then he/she can secure a very high profile job in any counterpart of the world. Today, in Australia around 50 universities are considered as most popular universities of the world and they provide quality education.

You can study engineering courses abroad that provide internship and inter-session program to students. Usually, a student should score good marks in the related subjects if he/she wants to study undergraduate, graduate, or diploma programs. If a student wants to study post-graduate program, then he/she should secure very high marks in their graduation.

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