Quick Tips On Top Best Universities In New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand have a worldwide reputation for being some of the safest and best education destinations. These universities offer a great combination of high-class education, a quality life and immense employment opportunities. There are a variety of programmes to match the requirements of students. Here’s a list of top universities in New Zealand that can be considered:

  1. For the MBA, there are two universities that are at the top – the University of Auckland Business School and the University of Otago School of Business. The courses offered at Auckland University include Master’s in disciplines like Finance, International Business, Information Systems, Executive MBA, Economics, Management, Operation and Supply Chain Management, and Taxation Studies. Otago also offers similar courses apart from a Master’s in Tourism and a Master’s in Entrepreneurship.
  2. For Hotel Management, the Pacific International Hotel Management Training School offers some of the best courses. Between Mount Taranaki and the picturesque West Coast, this school is under the guidance of the International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute of Neuchatel, Switzerland. It provides students with the right skills and experience to go for a career in the hospitality industry anywhere across the world. However, if you are looking specifically for joining cookery courses, you can join NSIA, which offers some of the best course in this field in New Zealand.
  3. For engineering, the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is at the top and offers numerous courses like Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Forest Engineering and Mechanical and Software Engineering. If you want you can simply opt for courses in Mathematics and Statistics.
  4. For a degree in IT you can opt for the UNITEC or WINTEC (Waikato Institute of Technology). Both these universities offer excellent courses for IT degree. The Information Technology courses offered here include a Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance & Security, a Diploma in Information technology, a Diploma in Computer Servicing and a Bachelor’s in Information Technology.
  5. Massey University is at the top for offering Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This course is offered to students who have been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with a minimum ‘B’ average or who have already done their Bachelors in relevant subjects with the minimum of a ‘B’ average.

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At one time foreign students preferred to go to the USA or the UK for their higher studies and did not even consider other countries. However, now this trend is changing as students are including more in their criteria when choosing a college in a foreign country. They see how safe a country is and that the expense is justified for the course offered. So it is no surprise that many foreign students flock to New Zealand; this country offers wonderful education opportunities and also offers an excellent work environment. According to a study, New Zealand is the safest country to live in with very welcoming people.

So why study in New Zealand?

Besides offering a safe environment to students, New Zealand offers quality education, which is both less expensive than many other countries and offers a variety of disciplines.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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