Smart Study Abroad Destinations for Indians

For years and years, USA and UK were the favored educational destinations for Indian students. For Indian students studying the sciences, computers or IT,USA has always been a preferred destination. Its world class universities, flexibility within courses, freedom to innovate and explore and internationally recognized degrees opened doors for students who got excellent placements.

Following the September ’11 terrorist attack when the Twin Towers in New York was destroyed, the US tightened its visa policy. This reduced the number of students going to study in the US. Other problems between the US and India refer to the increasing number of visa frauds and the bogus Tri Valley University case, both of which have adversely affected the number of Indian students choosing this country for their higher studies.

Along with the United States, UK too was a hot destination for Indian students. Students traditionally came to this country to study Law, Business Management, Medicine, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, etc. The international exposure that students received while studying here took them a long way and they were successful in their chosen fields. Their universities were well equipped with classrooms, labs, libraries, sports facilities and living accommodation, and the fact that the courses in the UK were shorter than elsewhere was balanced out against its high tuition fees and cost of living.

Today, unfortunately, due to the changes in visa procedures due to which students are no longer allowed to remain in the country and work for two years after their studies. Student visas also became very restrictive and Britain also changed its immigration policy. Besides, the government’s arbitrary changes in policy left students wondering whether it was worth the time and effort to study in the UK, particularly since the cost of living is so high.

Over the years, however, New Zealand came into prominence as a student destination for Indians. The universities here provide a distinctive learning environment and this entire island nation is safe to be in, secular, modern and democratic without any class system in operation. It is clean, friendly, green and education is comparatively less expensive than that in the USA and UK. Plus, the cost of living is low and it also affords a good quality of life. After a student completes his course, he can also work here. He can also get part-time jobs while studying and do 20 hours or work per week.

Another top choice of Indian students wanting to study abroad is Canada. This peaceful country, bordering the United States, has everything to offer students that America has, including world class universities with the best of faculty, the best labs and libraries, contemporary curricula, breathtaking landscapes, peaceful society, job opportunities and possibility of immigration.

In fact, if a student attends one of Canada’s publicly funded colleges, he can be granted permanent resident status. Many of its leading universities are world ranked for their unique facilities and stunning results, so it’s no wonder that there’s a rush for these universities.  And finally, due to a student partners program, some private Canadian colleges have opened admissions for Indians.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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