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Adventure Tourism is a leisure activity that takes place in an unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination and tends to be associated with high levels of involvement and activity by the participants, most of it outdoors. Adventure travellers are explorers of both an outer world, especially the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet and an inner world of personal challenge, self-perception and self-mastery.

Adventure Tourism is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. Individuals drawn to work within the various adventure travel activities have done so because of a primary interest in outdoor, travel-oriented lifestyle. Guides and experts are the backbone of the adventure tourism industry. Employers need competent, qualified guides who can provide adequate care and safety for their clients. Many growing companies in the adventure tourism industry are looking for employees who are qualified in adventure sport activities and who possess effective interpersonal, hospitality, and organizational and business skills. The reality is that such guides are still hard to find!

Most of the past and present adventure tourism businesses have been started by “lifestyle” operators, who are seeing tourism development investors beginning to actively seek out operations within adventure travel tourism.

Adventure tourism is a thriving niche market and the corporate world is looking up and taking notice. Certainly there’s nothing to beat having a business meeting or conference followed by a range of fun activities to get the heart rate going. You can choose cage diving with great white sharks or hot air ballooning over the mountains.

Why study Adventure Tourism in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered as the capital of “Adventure Tourism”. The management program offered in New Zealand is a place where students learn more than just the visitor experience. They also learn how to develop and operate different models of adventure tourism companies, and the skills needed for leadership, marketing, human resources, writing business plans, communications and more. Adventure tourism is just one of many N.Z. post-secondary sports programs that is open to the world and Education New Zealand is openly calling international students, especially from North America& Asia for these programs that go beyond elite performance to include sports business administration, recreation management, sports massage, outdoor leadership and even sports turf management. Graduates are able to provide first aid, prepare and deliver guided interpretation, and demonstrate knowledge of environmental awareness and Quality Tourism Standards for Adventure Tourism. New Zealand is a destination for thrilling adventure. Travellers wanting to combine their love of the outdoors with their adventurous spirit can do it in the home of adventure tourism – New Zealand! Adventure activities to suit all levels of confidence are found here! From heliskiing and skydiving up above to off-roading, horse riding and water rafting deep below. New Zealand has all the adventures and activities to fulfil your hunger for adrenaline and excitement.

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics offering Adventure Tourism in New Zealand

  1. Aoraki Polytechnic
    1. Diploma in Outdoor Education
  2. CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology)
    1. Diploma in Adventure Tourism
  3. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
    1. Diploma in Adventure Tourism
  4. Otago Polytechnic
    1. Graduate Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management
  5. Waiariki Institute of Technology
    1. Diploma in Adventure Tourism
  6. Whitireia New Zealand
    1. Diploma in Outdoor Adventure

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