Study Hospitality Management & Cookery in New Zealand

A study in Hospitality Management branches into various aspects of the hospitality industry and management. Hospitality management is one of the fastest growing industries. This industry provides various opportunities to students to run restaurants, hotels, food service companies and other related businesses.   

If you are considering, taking up a course in hospitality management or cookery, then New Zealand is a best option. There is a great demand for chefs in New Zealand and they are listed in Long Term Skill Shortage List which means that the government of New Zealand is actively encouraging chefs from other countries to work there.  Café and Restaurant Managers are listed in the Short Term Skill Shortage List of New Zealand, so the probability of getting employed and eventually getting settled after completing your studies is very high in the hospitality industry.

Why should one consider studying hospitality management in New Zealand?

  1. Course fees are not very expensive comparatively over UK and US.
  2. Students can do their courses in English.
  3. Visa success rate is higher.
  4. Most of the educational institutions offer on-the-job training and have their own restaurants.
  5. There is a good prospect for getting a job on completion of studies.
  6. There is a good opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency while working in this profession.
  7. Citizens of New Zealand are peace-loving people with strong Asian expatriate community.

If you are keen to study in New Zealand there are various options of good colleges that offer courses in hospitality and Cookery and selecting the best college is not easy.  To assist you in your decision making process we  have thoroughly evaluated the best colleges and shortlisted a few colleges on the basis of academic quality, facilities provided,  reputation and above all the internship opportunities provided by them.

Here’s a list of the best Colleges for Hospitality management & Cookery in New Zealand:

New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA): The institution has multiple campuses in New Zealand and offer diploma courses across learning levels in hospitality management and cookery.

Diploma in Applied Hospitality Management, Level 6 and Diploma in Professional Cookery are notably popular among international students. The courses combine training in hospitality, cookery, and business training.
Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS): AIS is a unique tertiary institution, with students, and staff from across the world. It is a private Degree granting institution at an international level, and a complete package to students seeking to study as well as career opportunities in New Zealand and overseas. Many of the students opt for a Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 7.
ICL Business School: Incorporated in the heart of Auckland, the institution offers a range of programs, and tertiary courses in Hospitality Management and Cookery. A Graduate Diploma in Business, International Hospitality Management, Level 7 is a right option for students who are looking for options for higher education, employment, and permanent residence.
Waiariki Institute of Technology: Located in one of the beautiful places of New Zealand, Rotorua, Waiariki is one of the notable and biggest tertiary institutes outside the university centre. It offers high quality education through their five campuses with a huge number of international students. Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, Level 7 and Post Graduate Diploma in Management, and Major in Hospitality Management, Level 8 can lead the students to a wide range of successful careers.

Otago Polytechnic:  Otago Polytechnic is a tertiary education institute in New Zealand with campuses in Auckland and Cromwell. A Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, Level 7 is specially designed for students who want to achieve their potential, and go for a strong career path. The course involves a blend of practical learning, management, theory and strategy.
Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT): Designed for students who have acquired a degree in one field, and want to change their area of specialization, the Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 7 will give more focused knowledge. International Diploma in Cookery and Baking helps students to work in a fast paced, creative and challenging environment.

NSIA:  Located in Central AucklandNSIA has won various prestigious awards including the coveted National Training Excellence Award and is considered one of the leading culinary and hospitality training provider in New Zealand. A diploma in Hospitality Management, Level 5, offers the students a good base to develop their supervisory and management skills within the hospitality industry.

There is huge potential of growth after studying Hospitality Management in New Zealand. One of the best advantages of studying in New Zealand is that on successful graduation; you can apply for a work-permit with a validity of 12 months. In this one-year period you can try your luck in finding a good relevant job. Once you have secured a job, you can apply for Permanent Residency under the shortage skills list.

Studying Hospitality Management from a renowned university is a sure shot pathway to getting settled and enjoying a peaceful life in New Zealand

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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