Study in the USA vs Study in Canada

There are innumerable study destinations in different parts of the world, but invariably students pitch their applications at the United States and Canada. For those of you who don’t know whether it’s beneficial for them to study in an American university or Canadian, here’s some help on the basis of which you can decide:

 Why students opt for US universities:

 Quality education a commitment: The standard of education imparted at US universities is the highest in the world. These universities accept only the best students who are trained by experts. Students are immediately employable by the best companies in the world.

Research-oriented programs: If you have a head for research, US universities are for you. You can earn while you’re going through your MS/PhD program. The grant that you receive will help you take care of your personal expenses while research lights your fire.

Flexibility in academic programs: There’s a lot of flexibility in the courses offered here, so you can chose from a large variety of subjects. The system is flexible enough to allow you to take a course whenever in the academic year you want to. The semester system also allows you to finish your course when you can or take more time for your research project.

 Financial aid: Universities here grant financial aid to deserving students which cover their personal expenses and tuition fees too. If you are an excellent student, your entire tuition fees can be waived.

 Good job opportunities: Studying at a good American university makes you employable at any organization there. You are legally allowed to work there for a year after your course.

 Multicultural ambience: Students from all over the world study at American universities, so you meet a lot of people from different ethnicities. You learn a lot from such exposure and you are culturally and academically enriched.

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 Why students prefer Canadian universities:Thousands of students attend Canadian universities, purely out of choice, and for the following reasons:

 High level of education:Any degree or diploma obtainedfrom a Canadian university is recognized all over the world. 

Cost of education low: Canadian universities are not as expensive as any other country and this does not impact its quality of education. Since the fees are affordable, admissions are that much tougher.

Permanent Residency: If students meet the basic criterion of having 67 points, they can apply for Permanent Residency, which takes 15-18 months from the date of application.

 No. 1 country in the world: For nine consecutive years, Canada has been voted as the “Best Place in the World to Live In.” This is based on it providing education to everyone, low crime rates and high life expectancy.

 Safety for students: Campuses are usually safe and the managements of these institutions take care to ensure it with 24×7 security systems.

 Part-time work: Canadian students can work part-time on-campus during the first six months of their tenure for 20 hours a week. They may also be allowed to have a term of paid co-op where they work in an organization for hands-on experience. On completion of one year of study, they can work for a year and those finishing a two-year course can work for three years.

For the above reasons, it’s natural that students will opt for Canada’s universities.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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