Study and Work in Canada

When a student pursues higher studies in Canada, then he/she will obviously seek for a job in Canada. The student can obtain a work permit and work in Canada for a longer duration. In Canada some of the most reputed institutions are established such as University of Toronto,   McGill University, York University, and University of Alberta.

A student should fulfill some legal formalities to obtain a Visa to study and work abroad. A student should separately obtain a work Visa if he/she wishes to work there after completing his/her education. In Canada, you can work while you learn and hence, you can supplement your allowance for your daily expenses. Before applying for a Visa to study or work abroad, you must prove that you are financially stable. If you are a student, then you must present the income statements of your guardians. In Canada, the cost of living is really very high and hence you must prove that you are able to spend money for accommodation and daily expenses. If you are already a working executive, then you must present your income statements and all the sources of your income. You can also reveal the financial statements of your guardians to show that they will financially assist you during your stay in Canada. .

In Canada several work permit programs are held for students. You can gain valuable experience if you work in Canada and hence you can even immigrate for a better job if you gain experience for some years.  The international students can acquire on-campus and off-campus jobs while studying, without attaining a work permit. You are eligible for undertaking on-campus and off-campus jobs while you are completing your studies.

You can work in Canada for one year if you are between the age of 18 and 35 years. Your nation or your company should be in agreement with the Canadian company.

Reasons for Studying In Canada

  • The degree courses, diploma courses, or certificate courses in Canada are recognized worldwide. A student can build a bright career in the related field if he/she acquires a degree or diploma from Canada.
  • The cost of education and tuition fees in Canada are relatively lower compared to the fees of nations such as UK, USA, etc., although the standard of living is very high. Hence, many students study in colleges and enroll in universities here.
  • People from different parts of the world are colonized here and hence any immigrant can easily find a citizen of his origin. He can find several clubs, ethnic groups, recreational activity centers that are presented by his country of origin.
  • It is a country that is known for safety and low-crime rate. The students need not worry because they will not be subjected to any perils during their stay in Canada.
  • The new immigrants are specially provided with language training. English and French are the two official languages of Canada and the immigrants are trained with these two languages to build their fluency.
  • The campuses of post-secondary colleges or universities are very attractive as they are surrounded by various equipments and tools such as Olympic sports facilities, art galleries, radio, newspapers, businesses, etc.
  • The Canadian government and several industries of Canada encourage the candidates for conducting research in various fields such as telecommunication, environmental science, medicine, agriculture, etc.
  • Many international students, who have certain work experience in Canada and have assessed their Canadian credentials, can apply for permanent residency.

Internship Programs

If you want to gain valuable experience in Canada, then you must apply for the co-op or internship programs. In Canada, many universities and colleges offer on-the-job training programs so that the student can gain valuable experience while learning. The student can study the subject, moreover, in a practical way. The students can study a semester program and then apply for an internship program to gain practical experience.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

The graduate students can work for one year without the work permit, if they have completed the degree in any of the Canadian college/university. If you work in Canada after completing your graduate degree in this nation, then you can easily secure Canadian citizenship. The students who have completed graduation are provided with PGWPP (Post Graduation Work Permit Program). This work permit program can be extended up to 3 years. But a student can work here after completing his post-graduation degree. If you have completed a two year graduate diploma, a two year post graduate diploma, then you can be permitted to work for three years, but you must fulfill some conditions. The duration of the course that you choose should be at least for 8 months. If you choose an 8-month program, then you can work here for 8 months only after completing your course.

If you complete a degree in Canada, you can acquire several benefits:

  1. You can go back to your hometown and secure a top-notch job by revealing your diploma, or degree certificates. The degrees that are provided in Canada are recognized globally. Anyways, you will gain work experience within that period
  2. You can even study further in Canada for acquiring Canadian credentials and hence you can become a permanent resident.
  3. As a graduate you can gain work experience up to 3 years and hence you can gain some valuable work experience.

A student can choose to immigrate to Canada to study and then gain work experience because he or she can easily become a resident. The immigrant can fully enjoy his life as a student in Canada because he or she can engage in many outdoor activities and enjoy his or her leisure time. The students can learn to adjust to the social environment of Canada. It is a land of multi-culture and diversity.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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