Why should you choose to study in New Zealand?

Students going for overseas education often choose New Zealand, due to the high-quality educational facilities in the country. People find great opportunity to study and work in new zealand, with the given infrastructure of education and employment in the country. If you are willing why the country is so popular for the students, read on to know the reasons.

Well-developed education system

The education system in New Zealand is well-developed. It has got one of the best educational infrastructures in the world. Well, the tuition fees in New Zealand are surprisingly low, as compared to other reputed countries for overseas education. A number of universities in the country have been established by experts from universities based on the West. This delivers the western culture in the educational system for these students. The degrees in these universities carry high value and are recognized all over the world. The international students get an excellent support in these universities. You can approach the overseas education consultants for New Zealand student visa. A large number of students who study in New Zealand settle in the country. Employment opportunities are good here and you can think of settling in New Zealand after completing your higher education.

I would also like to update you on the positive changes to post-study work (PSW) rights for international students coming to New Zealand for study. The New Zealand government wants to ensure that post-study pathways for international students are fit-for-purpose and contribute to the skills that New Zealand needs.

For level 5, 6 and non-degree level 7 qualifications: Now, two-year employer-assisted work visa has been removed and one-year open work visa is retained. However, those who pursue their education outside Auckland can get a two-year open work visa. Those students working towards registration with a professional body like CAANZ (Chartered Accountants) and NCNZ (Nursing) will get a 1 additional year work visa. If you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or Post Graduate Level 8 and Level 9 qualifications now you can get 3 years’ open work visa. Students studying level 8 qualifications in an area specified in the Long Term Skills Shortage List can now support their spouse for an open work visa (dependent work visa) and their children for domestic student status.

The spouse of a student studying a Master’s degree in any field in New Zealand can now get 4+ years of work visa leading to Permanent Residency.

High quality of life

The quality of life in New Zealand is high. It is one of the most advanced countries of the world. Students studying in New Zealand find lucrative employment opportunities and settle there. The factors contributing to a high quality of life in New Zealand include affordability, political stability, availability of job, economic stability and impressive healthcare facilities. These elements deliver a good experience to the residents. It is for this reason, that students from various countries of the world migrate to New Zealand for higher studies and settle there. This is one of the best destinations to study abroad.


Well, if you are looking for recreational facilities and adventure outside the realm of studies, New Zealand offers you plenty of opportunities.  The country brings a holistic environment to the students, and you can engage yourself in activities beyond your curriculum. The country has a lot of places of interest and a varied landscape. Besides, it has a pleasant temperate climate. You have the opportunity to explore the wilderness of the country, particularly the mountains and the beaches. Many students studying in New Zealand go for camping in these areas. The people are welcoming and friendly to foreigners. You can also make friends with people in the country and enjoy a good social life.
If you are thinking of completing your masters in New Zealand, you need to choose the right university. Get across to the reputed overseas education consultants for a comprehensive support.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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