The Pros & Cons of Getting a Masters Degree in England

Studying in England is a great opportunity full of exemplary knowledge and wonderful experiences. Nowadays, more and more students are preferring to do their masters in UK. The UK is the house to many top universities that provide a top-notch education system to the students in different areas like arts, science, management, law, finance, etc. Different areas of education let students choose a career of their choice that helps them accelerate their careers. There are many MBA colleges in the UK that provide master’s programs of one-year degree instead of regular two-year postgraduate courses. Since every coin has two sides, pursuing MBA or ms in the UK has its own pros and cons.

Pros of Studying in the UK:

  • Huge variety of courses

Universities in the UK have a huge variety of specialized courses in different fields of study such as business, law, finance, engineering, healthcare, design, etc.

  • English is the medium of communication

All the MS and MBA colleges in London’s well as in other parts of the UK use English for teaching which makes it simpler for the international students to learn as they don’t need to get familiar with any additional language as indicated by the nation.

  • Better opportunities

Due to the level of education in the UK, students who complete their master’s degree from the UK tend to grab more opportunities as compared to the students graduating from any other university.

  • 1-year masters programs

Universities in the UK aim at providing master’s degree courses for one year which would save students’ time and allow them to apply their knowledge practically.

  • Internationally recognized and top-ranked universities

The UK has a lot of universities that are very well-recognized across the globe and are amongst the top-ranked universities of the world. This gives students an opportunity to develop their career easily in any country and get good pay packages.

Cons of Studying in the UK:

  • Expensive

Despite low tuition fees in the UK, studying in the UK is expensive as compared to other countries because the accommodation cost is very high there.

  • Verifying your UK degree

You need to get your degree verified in the country you are willing to settle in post your master’s and know if the degree or course being provided in your UK university is valid in that particular country.

  • Burdensome education

Due to the one-year postgraduate programs in the UK, students need to cover a lot of syllabi in less time which can be a bit burdening.

  • Accommodation

Apart from the high cost of living, one more issue of concern in the UK is the availability of accommodation. As most of the areas are reserved by bachelor’s degree students, it becomes difficult for students pursuing a master’s degree to find a well-equipped and comfortable place to live.

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Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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