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USA is the hub for all the educational affairs. The land has produced many top-grade professionals who are excelling in their domain. The country never stops reaching the new heights in invention, discovery, and development. All in USA is sorted to precision and that’s why students want to migrate to USA for their better career prospects. The young adults get an exposure in US that can modify their knowledge and personality and the in long-run can lead them to success. The high level of education and competitiveness is what every student has to go through while applying for a job in The States. And so to avoid the clumsy job of choosing the best university for considering MBA in USA and the hassles of getting the USA Student Visa Requirements fulfilled, we suggest you get in touch with our experienced foreign education consultants. Their guidance will help you to accomplish your dreams to study and getting your graduation done in US.

Study and Work Abroad, the most trustable and credible foreign education consultancy in Mumbai has now gifted its clients to the esteemed institutions across the world. US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore have been some of the countries that have admitted the brilliant minds from India. The abroad education consultants in India at Study and Work Abroad are the one-stop support solution for all overseas career opportunities. Our consultants have been practicing the art of enabling their clients to get an entry to the best universities and have made the admission procedure of pursuing MBA in USA for Indian Students less cumbersome.

Our systemized process and the unique resource stand by to help you in all your chores and get your USA Student Visa approved smoothly. The best universities in The States are- Stanford University, Harvard University, Wharton School of the University, London Business School, Columbia Business School, etc. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to crack the entrance exam for these universities and there exists no quota for getting a seat reserved in such prestigious management schools. Bagging a good score in the proficient exams can help to achieve one. And our overseas consultants will dress you up for the highly regarded certifications. The undue efforts of our team will push you to get onto the top position in your exams.

Our support to the education industry is years old and so they have faith in our processing to outsource the best talents. Our enlarged network and the variety of courses offered are the strength that our consultancy possess. We help you to settle down with your dreams with ease. If you have the curiosity to know more about the MBA plan in USA, get assistance from us by calling at +919920234749 or drop us your application at We will get back with the answers. Get excited for your MBA in USA.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

Alvito Fernandes is an experienced study abroad counselor and entrepreneur, with a passion for mentoring students. With an MBA graduate class of 2002 and a Harvard Alumni on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, he is well-equipped to provide expert guidance. As an ICEF certified agent, he has been recognized as Agent of the Month by Study Group UK and acknowledged as a preferred partner in Mumbai for GUS Canada. Alvito's work has had a significant impact on the lives of students, as evidenced by the testimonials of those he has helped study and migrate abroad. His straightforward and matter-of-fact advice, based on extensive industry experience and research, has earned him the trust of his clients. With a strong commitment to his students' best interests, Alvito's counseling is always aimed at preparing them to face any challenges they may encounter. His wealth of experience and constant learning from past students' experiences enable him to provide comprehensive guidance on various countries and courses.

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