Brunel University

Brunel University was established in Uxbridge, West London in 1966 as a public research university. The university campus has various academic buildings like Elliott Jaques which houses Brunel Law School, Joseph Lowe which is the Civil Engineering Research Centre, the Lecture Centre, Heinz Wolff with facilities, and offices for the College of Health and Life Sciences. Apart from academics, the university also provides other facilities to the students like accommodation, gym, practice rooms, resource rooms, etc.

Brunel University is placed within the top 500 universities of the world and the top 100 higher education institutes of the UK by the majority of ranking publishers. The Complete University Guide has ranked the university within the top 100 universities in the UK since 2017 and The Guardian has ranked it among the top 100 colleges in the UK from 2017-2020.

With its diverse and exceptional learning atmosphere, Brunel University has always been among the top preferences of the students willing to study abroad. The university offers courses in various areas like Aerospace Engineering, Anthropology, Chemical and Civil Engineering, Design, Digital Media, History, Journalism, Law, Physiotherapy, Sociology, and Theatre. During the years 2018-19, the university had approximately 10,541 undergraduate and 2,768 postgraduate students as well as 583 doctoral students.

Coming to the alumni of Brunel University, the list has a lot of renowned people like Lee Mack (a famous comedian), Archie Punjabi (an actress), Michael Olowokandi (former NBA player), James Cracknell (an Olympic gold medalist), Anastasios Papaligouras (a Greek politician), and many more.



  1. Law LLB
  2. BSc in Computer Science
  3. BA in Games Design
  4. BSc in Psychology
  5. BSc in Business Management
  6. BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  7. BSc in Biomedical Science
  8. BEng in Civil Engineering
  9. BSc in Product Designs
  10. BEng in Motorsport Engineering


  1. MBA in Business Administration
  2. MSc in Management
  3. MSc in Marketing
  4. Masters of Law (LLM Law)
  5. MSc in Aerospace Engineering
  6. MSc in Business Finance
  7. MA in International Relations
  8. MSc in Financial Mathematics
  9. MA in Creative Writing
  10. MSc in Media and Communications
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Alvito Fernandes

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