University of Windsor, Canada

University of Windsor, Canada

The University of Windsor was established in the year 1857 in Windsor, Canada. It is a public research university and offers 190 undergraduate degrees and 65 graduate and doctoral degrees across different disciplines like the Faculty of Education, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Law, Nursing, Science, Human Kinetics, and Business through the Odette School of Business. 

The campus is located close to the United States and covers almost 51 hectares of land, adjacent to the residential neighborhood. The campus also houses a bookstore and a food court to cater to the student’s needs and refreshments. Apart from this, St. Denis Center at the southern end of the campus is equipped with athletic and recreational facilities like a gymnasium and swimming pool for students.

The University of Windsor houses approximately 16,231 students every year from over 100 different nations. Out of the total students enrolled in the university, over 12,356 are undergraduate students (both part-time and full-time), 4,135 are graduate students and around 23% of them are international students. The university also gives scholarships to extraordinary students who are selected through an essay writing competition every year.

More than 135,000+ understudies have graduated from the University of Windsor and some of the notable alumni are Dean Del Mastro, the former Member of Parliament; famous Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar; Hodan Nalayeh, a media executive and an entrepreneur.


  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Business Administration – Professional Accounting Specialization
  3. MSc in Computer Science
  4. Master of Applied Computing
  5. Master of Management – Business Data Analytics
  6. Master of Management – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  7. Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  8. Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  9. Master of Engineering Management
  10. Bachelor of Computer Science
  11. Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering
  12. Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
  13. Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  14. Master of Management – International Accounting and Finance
  15. Master of Applied Economics and Policy
  16. Master of Management – Human Resource Management
  17. Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  18. Masters of Actuarial Science
  19. MSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry
  20. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Administration
  21. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours)
  22. Master of Nursing
  23. Master of Education
  24. Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts
  25. Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
  26. Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
  27. Master of Science in Physics
  28. Juris Doctor
  29. Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering
  30. Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering

Apart from these, the University of Windsor offers many other courses as well which can be very fruitful for the students, and therefore, it is one of the most chosen universities when it comes to studying abroad because of its location and proximity to Toronto.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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