What are the pros and cons of studying in Canada?

In this advanced world, every individual wishes to become successful at a certain age. But does becoming successful is as easy as it sounds? No, there is a lot that a student needs to bear to become a professional. That’s why pursuing higher education has become mandatory for every student for gaining success. Because only after achieving higher education, students can gain domain knowledge and expertise. But nowadays most of the students are choosing to attain their higher education from overseas. And amongst another foreign lands, Canada is the most famous hub of universities and prestigious institutions.

By studying in Canada, not only are students getting the highest quality of education but also wonderful global exposure. If you want to know everything that is required for studying in Canada. Then consulting our experts for study in Canada is very useful. We will guide you in every step of your Canada study. Meanwhile, if you are thinking that studying in Canada will only prove to be beneficial. Then no, it comes with other disadvantages as well that are discussed in the blog.

Pros of studying in Canada

Safe environment

As per the Global peace index, Canada ranks 6th amongst 172 countries for its peace, calm, and friendliness. Also, Canadians are more welcoming as compared to the residents of another country. That’s why Canadian universities ensure the highest security and safety of its students.

Work while you learn

Students studying in Canada have one advantage over students studying in other countries. As students in Canada can work while completing their education. Canada offers a lot of opportunities to work on a part-time basis as well as internships and Co-ops as part of the courses.

Post-graduation work

The next benefit of studying in Canada is the post-graduation work program where students get the chance of working for three years after their post-graduation degree. This gives them an opportunity to apply for PR after they complete their studies.

Cons of studying in Canada

Tuition fees

Canada-based universities offer a lot of benefits in terms of finances to their students. But still studying in Canada can prove to be expensive because of the strong value of the Canada-based currency or dollar.

Healthcare system

Canada is one country that has a universal health sector but still, it’s not completely free. As a student, if you want to avail the benefits of the health care system, then you need to pay a monthly or annually based medical insurance premium.


Canada is very big and spread at an equal pace that’s why the climatic condition of Canada depends upon the region. But the average temperature during summers in Canada is around 35°C while in winters it’s about -25°C. Hence, various students find it difficult to stay in this extreme weather.

These are some of the pros and cons of studying in Canada. Nothing comes with only benefits. Hence if you are enjoying some benefits of studying in Canada, then there are some drawbacks too. But make sure to have a visa for study in Canada so that you may not face any problem there.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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