Canada Provincial Cap Numbers Announced for the Universities

Updated Highlights:

  • All of Canada’s provinces have now been allocated their student cap numbers for 2024 and have started issuing the Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs).
  • Students in programs run by Ontario Public-College Private Partnerships will no longer be able to get a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).
  • Masters degrees are not affected by the cap and processing of visas are as usual for students who are planning to study Masters in Canada.

Hello fellas! If you are planning to visit Canada for studies, then this news is definitely for you.

In recent developments, Canada has implemented a new provincial cap system for international student visas, marking a significant shift in the visa issuance process. As of April 5, 2024, all provinces have announced their numbers on the cap for student visas applicable to undergraduate diplomas and degrees and postgraduate diploma programs. It’s important to note that Master’s degrees are not subject to this cap system.

Provincial Cap System Overview

Some provinces, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan, have seen an increased number of allocated visas compared to the number of visa issued last year. British Columbia is maintaining a similar number of student visas compared to the previous year, while Ontario has experienced a slight decline. This adjustment may result in a shift of students from Ontario to other provinces.

The total number of applications under the new cap system is 552,000 for the entire country, with an expected approval of 292,000 student visas. Notably, the majority of these approved visas, totaling 364,000, will be for Master’s degree courses, which are exempt from the cap system.

All provinces have commenced issuing provincial attestation letters as of April 5, 2024, allowing students to apply for student visas for the September 2024 intake.

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Provincial Cap System – Accepted Applications

British Columbia83,000
Nova Scotia12,900
New Brunswick9,300
Prince Edward Island2,000

Changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

  • Earlier Implementation Date:

At first, September 1, 2024, was set as the date when PGWP benefits would no longer be available to students who were enrolling in programs run by Ontario Public-College Private Partnerships. But the date it started to work has been pushed back. Students in these programs will not be able to get a PGWP after May 15, 2024.

  • Impact on Students:

Anyone who starts school on or after May 15, 2024, will be affected by this change. People who are currently taking part in Ontario Public-College Private Partnerships will have to look into other options in order to find work after they finish.

  • Provincial Attestation Letters:

The processing of applications under the new cap system has begun. This means that everyone in the provinces is now processing study permits again for students who were hit by the cap. Besides that, the Provinces are also sending out provincial attestation letters, which are also known as PALs. PALs are official letters from the provincial government confirming that a student’s application for a study visa fits within the number of spots that have been set aside.

Taking Care of the Changes

  • Stay Informed:

Anyone from outside of Canada who wants to study in Canada should stay up to date by giving close attention to any information from the provincial governments and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Making sure you know about changes and due dates.

  • Explore Options:

Students in Ontario who will be affected by the changes to the PGWP should look into other ways to get work permits. It is suggested that you get help from both educational schools and immigration consultants.

  • Plan Beforehand:

You should start getting ready ahead of time if you want to go to school in Canada. It is important to understand the effects of provincial distributions so that decisions are well-informed.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, because the government limits the amount of study permits, the Canadian provinces have had to carefully divide the ones they have been given out. Students need to know what’s going on, be able to deal with changes, and look into other options.

But to get around in an ever changing area, you need to plan ahead and know what you’re doing. Canada is still a great place for foreign students to go for higher studies. As the immigration situation in Canada changes, both students and schools need to make changes to keep up.

If you want to do undergraduate in Canada, make sure you know about the most recent changes to the law and talk to pros. And if you need more assistance, you can contact our professionals at Study And Work Abroad.

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