Application Requirements to Study Abroad

Today, many students prefer to pursue their studies abroad because they can secure top-notch jobs and are required to fulfill certain Application Requirements to Study Abroad. If they study in any of the most reputed universities of the world such as Harvard, Oxford, etc., they can acquire a top-level job through the process of campus interview. If you want to study abroad, then you should fulfill some legal and academic conditions. You should possess a very good and consistent academic record and should fluently converse in the respective foreign language.  If you want to study abroad, then you must comply with many legal formalities also. Below are the conditions in order to study abroad:

Academic requirement

Apart from possessing a consistent academic record, you should also hold the required degree if you wish to study in another nation. You should study for at least two years from a reputed university. Your GPA score should be at least 3.2 out of 4.0. You should possess the similar essential degree when compared to the course you are applying for. For e.g. If you want to study a specialized course in finance in another country, then you should either hold a master’s degree in commerce or finance field.  To study a specialized course in a different country, you must obtain at least a basic-level certificate in your nation.

Language requirement

You should have the basic knowledge of the respective foreign language so that you can easily communicate with the citizens of the country where you are immigrating. You should also prove your proficiency in English language. So, you should pass any significant tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Alternatively, you can also obtain a proficiency degree from Cambridge University and this degree is termed as CPE. Another degree that demonstrates advanced proficiency in the English language is the CAE degree. You must produce original certificates that are less than two years old.  You need not demonstrate your language skills if you fulfill the following conditions:

  1. If you have secured a higher secondary certificate from nations such as USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia
  2. If you have obtained a Baccalaureate diploma certificate
  3. If you want to apply for a New Zealand Visa, then you must prove that you can communicate in English language. If you have completed your schooling and college in English medium, then you must furnish proof of study in English Medium School and college

You should obtain the minimum score if you appear for the following tests:

  1. If you appear for the IELTS test, then your score should be at least 6.5
  2. If you appear for the CAE test, then you should at least obtain a C grade
  3. When you are appearing for TOEFL, then your minimum score for the internet-based examination is 90 and if appearing in the paper based examination, then the minimum score is 575
  1. The Capacity of the course:  If you want to enroll for a certain degree in a different nation, then you must also find out the capacity of the course or the number of seats that are available for a course. For each course, the capacity of accommodation of students is limited.
  2. Agreement of exchange: You may choose a particular course, even if you have not obtained it by securing the essential ranking through the means of exchange. But, yet you cannot directly enroll your name directly that are offered by the particular departments.

You must read the terms and conditions of each college or universities carefully if you want to enroll for a course abroad.

Some universities conduct entrance tests through the agents. You must first fill an application form and then complete the essay assignments offered by them. Then you must appear for the foreign language examination that are conducted by agencies.  You must also clear some other examinations that are offered by the certain universities. The prescribed fees should be paid online by using credit or debit cards. Some universities offer a date of the deadline and you must complete the test within the specified time. Apart from filling the form and appearing for online tests, you must also furnish your photo, ID proof and Transcripts. Besides, you must upload the authorization form that is signed by your co-coordinator. Merely by clearing the essay examination, a student cannot be considered eligible for studying abroad. Other factors are also considered such as the overall educational record, special skills and talents, record of conduct and discipline, overall academic and personal achievements, and your interpersonal skills. After, you pass the first round of interview that is conducted by the agent, you may be asked to provide other educational and personal documents to the agent. If you are already studying abroad currently and you want to apply for advanced courses abroad, then you need not undergo the following evaluation processes. Usually, the documents and details are assessed by the Dean of the Department of the University abroad. If you want to acquire financial assistance, then you must apply for various scholarship programs. Procedures relating to processing of documents, etc., can be easily done through the offices of without any hassels, as they represent on your behalf to several universities and colleges abroad.

Most of the universities require a written consent from the school or universities. The degree auditors should approve and sign the letter that is written by the students. The department or the school should support the students to study in another nation. You should reveal your utmost interest and aptitude for the subject that you choose. You must prove that the subject that you choose to study is correlated to your goal in life. You must also demonstrate your emotional stability to the Department of the University.

Certificate of Character

You can reveal your school certificate that states that you bear a good conduct and a moral character. Sometimes, the Office of the Study Abroad encounters with the Division of Student Affairs to assess whether the student was earlier indulged in any violation activities. You should sometimes meet the Department of Affairs along with the certificate of good conduct. If you are proved to be a student with bad conduct, then you may not be permitted to study abroad. You may be strictly subjected to disciplinary evaluation. A certificate of character has to be obtained from the Head Police Station of the area the student lives in, this is a mandate to be followed by every candidate for all countries.

Declare your Major Subject

You must declare your major subject to the Department of the University at the time of filling a form. You can seek advice from the expert advisors before choosing a major subject because it will play an important role in your future.  

You can acquire comprehensive information from your agent at, if you have any doubts regarding the admission process.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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