Student Visa Application Process for New Zealand

The student should at least pass the entrance level examination of any University in his or her hometown. The Visa process differs according to the period of stay. The students should gather all the academic documents and fill an Immigration form. He or she may fill this form by contacting your agent or should obtain an Immigration form from the nearest Visa office for his immigration to New Zealand. Before his immigration to New Zealand, a student should contact and choose the right university. Depending upon the conditions for staying, a student can apply for a Visa.

  • If a student wants to study for part time for a period of three months, then he should apply for visitor Visa.
  • He should obtain a student Visa if he or she wishes to change his program of study.
  • If he wants to study and work simultaneously, then he should obtain a student Visa.
  • He should apply for Work Visa, if he or she wants to undertake some training or study for more than 3 months.

Obtaining the Application Form

You must obtain an Immigration form from the closest Immigration New Zealand office. will also provide you with the form. The students should fill the form INZ 1012.

Along with the documents the type of documents required includes the signed Offer Letter from the University / College. . You must also gather fees along with the form. Additionally, you must fill and submit the form INZ 1014 which states about financial undertaking. The residential address that you mention should tally with the registration form of the Student Services. You must attach 2 photographs that are less than 6 months old. . Whether you are applying for a student visa, you must reveal different statements that prove your financial stability. If you want to apply for a student visa or a long-term visa, then you must prove that you can arrange for your accommodation during that period. You must carry a passport that is not expired or should be valid for more than 3 months.

The new students should produce transcripts from the previous institutions.  If the student has studied in New Zealand earlier, then he or she should produce attendance certificate. In New Zealand, if the student is applying for the student visa, then he should at least show 96% attendance during his previous academic year. Otherwise, your application cannot be processed further. For each semester, the student should secure at least 75% of marks.

Before you choose a university to study, you must conduct intensive research. A student can normally study in Institutes of Technology, reputed Universities, Establishments of private training and Industry Training Organizations. A student can obtain a PhD, or a doctoral degree from the Universities. . If a student wants to obtain a degree or a diploma, then he/she can study in Institutes of Technology or Polytechnics and Private Training Institutions. Students from various nations should prove that they have completed the entrance level examinations from the reputed universities. The Indian Citizens should prove that they have studies from UGC approved universities. Then you must choose a university and send your application along with the essential documents. Then the universities will notify you by sending ‘Offer of Place’ letter. You must pay the relevant fees and then you will be confirmed by them that the admission process is complete.

Graduate and Post Graduate Students

The student must complete 120 points in 1 year to obtain a Graduate Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma.

Lodging Your Application

When you complete your application form, then you must send it to the nearest office of the New Zealand Immigration. We at will help you with the entire process of visa filing.

Change of Conditions of Visa

You must fill the INZ 1020 form that states about the changes of conditions and apply for it before the current visa expires.

Important Points That Every Student Should Consider Before Sending the Application

Before sending the application form to the nearest Immigration center, the student should ensure on the following points.

  • He/she should read the guide of Student Visa Guide as mentioned on Form 1030
  • He/she can go through the total requirements as mentioned on the Form 1012
  • He/she should attach two recent passport size photographs
  • He/she should also possess a passport.
  • He/she should prove that he is financially competent if he wants to submit a temporary form or resident forms
  • He/she should produce evidence that he has already paid the prescribed fees
  • He/she should conduct a TB Medical Test and produce the X-ray reports (that He/she is not affected by TB)
  • He/she should also obtain character certificates from the Police

Industry Partners

The education providers are in alliance with the industry partners and they check the application form of the students and undertake certain responsibilities.

The industry partners undertake the responsibility stating that:

  • The applicant has adequate funds and he can arrange for his own accommodation and daily expenses
  • He/she is studying a course that will lead him to a better position and will brighten up his career
  • He/she is studying a genuine and an appropriate course
  • He/she meets the basic requirements as a student
  • He/she is a genuine person who will immediately leave the country when the period of visa expires and comply with the conditions of the Visa

The related industry partner should provide a Letter of Nomination and send it to the INZ Visa Application Center for further processing. He should also send it along with the necessary documents that are sent by the applicant and reveal the fees paid by the applicant. Today, some of the education providers or institutions are also undertaking the initiative to process the application form of the students and to provide them the Letter of Nomination. Some of the education providers include the University of Otago, Otage Polytechnic, UNITEC, WINTEC, AIS, University of Auckland, Lincoln University, .

Then he should sign the application form. He should also obtain signatures from the agent or the consultant from whom he has borrowed help for immigration advice.

The final task to be undertaken by the students includes that they check whether they have completed all the above-mentioned formalities diligently. does all these services for free for the students. Their team will provide you with all the help in order to comply with all the legal and financial formalities so that you can easily obtain a Visa. You must fulfill the basic criteria as prescribed by the universities abroad. will help you to the Visa in a quicker way.

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