Do You Think Studying abroad is Expensive? Here are a Few Courses that are Light on the Pocket.

The number of Indian students pursuing an education abroad is increasing. An international study program not only provides better career opportunities, but also aids in personal growth and development of a student.

There are numerous aspects to consider while making a choice to study abroad, the main being the destination of study. While the choice depends on numerous factors, one of the most vital aspect is the cost. Many students give up their dream of studying abroad due to the pre-conceived notion that international courses are expensive. However, rest be assured, there are numerous courses that are light on the budget.

Following are four destinations that provide economical courses to students wishing to pursue a degree abroad.

  1. United States of America

Some universities offer affordable programs of study in USA for Indian students. The City College of New York and Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi provide an excellent opportunity for Indian students to realize their dream at a lower price. Both these colleges offer Bachelor’s degree at $8500 per semester and $5500 per semester for a Master’s degree. Generally, the fee for a Bachelor’s degree is the US is $14000 per semester and $7500 to $11000 for a Master’s degree.

  1. Canada

Last year, Canada announced new immigration measures, which prove beneficial to international students in the country, a fair percentage of whom are from India. You may therefore take advantage of such an opportunity and opt for affordable courses from Canadian universities like Royal Roads University, Cape Breton University and Seneca College. The Royal Roads University offers an MBA degree course for CAD 30000, which is usually CAD 40000 at other Universities in the country. All the Bachelors courses at Cape Breton University are between CAD 13000 to 14000 per year, including the Engineering Bachelors (all fields of Engineering). The usual Bachelors fees at any other university in the country is more than CAD 20000. Seneca College, a top SPP college located in Toronto, offers programs which are approximately CAD 13000, as compared to CAD 16000 charged by most Toronto-based colleges.

  1. Australia

Many overseas education consultants recommend Australia as a destination to pursue a foreign course. Though this country happens to have one of the most expensive education system, you may study here at an affordable cost. The Southern Cross University offers the cheapest MBA course in the country, at the cost of AUD 31000, if the fees for both the years are paid together.

  1. New Zealand

Not many are aware of this fact, but studying at a Private Training Establishment (PTE) is a lot cheaper than studying at a University in New Zealand. Generally, the fees are around NZD 34000 at a university. However, studying at a PTE lowers the amount to NZD 16000 to NZD 18000 per year. Some high ranked PTE’s in the country include AIS, Regent International Education Group, Academic Colleges Group, and ICL Graduate business school. Besides, Polytechnics have specialized courses in Information Technology (IT) and Engineering (all fields) with fees between NZD 18000 to 20000 as against NZD 35000 at the Universities.

You may therefore make a choice based on your budget and the course you wish to select. In case of any doubts, you may approach a foreign education consultant who will guide you through your decision making process.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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