A Guide for International Students Choosing a University in Australia

There are about 43 universities in Australia which are regarded highly amongst educational institutions which provide proper atmosphere and help for students to realise their potential. The ever-growing economy, amazing landscapes and ample opportunities for youngsters make Australia a haven. A qualification from one of the top universities in australia will serve as a catalyst, if you aim to make a career in the nation. For those looking for help regarding universities in Australia, we have a guide which will help you in the crucial decision whether to study in the country.

1. Admissions
Like an Australian student, you will have the option to begin the first semester in the university (which spans from March to June) or the second one (spanning from July to October). For beginning the first semester, December is the deadline for your application to reach the university. Most domestic students get their applications earlier, which is a good idea as it gives the university ample time to decide the number of accepted applicants. For the second semester, the application must reach the university by May. However, many experts reckon to not wait so late and submit the documents much earlier.

You might have to submit the tests results of English as a second language, conducted as TOEFL or IELTS, and pay a one-time application fee. Send the test results to the universities as soon as possible and if you come across any agency which represents your preferred university, it is advised to conduct ample research before taking any step.

2. Finance
For an undergraduate course, the tuition fees can be between 15,000 AUD to 33,000 AUD per annum. However, you do not have to pay the whole amount on your own. There are numerous scholarships and funding opportunities available from the Australian government, which will help you in ensuring that the degree is affordable. There is a dedicated section for available scholarships in the website of the Australian government. The country also hosts Australia Awards scholarships, which are presented to international students from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. You can check out their official website to know more details.

3. GTE Requirement
Applicants for Student and Student Guardian visas must show they are coming to Australia temporarily to study or to look after a person who is studying. The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is not intended to exclude students who, after studying in Australia, develop skills Australia needs and who then go on to apply for permanent residence. As an applicant provide a personal statement in English addressing the GTE requirement. You can provide further details of the written statement in the application form or attach a separate document with supporting documents.

4. Visa
In almost every case, you will require a student visa for the period of your full-time studies. This step is taken after your request for admission is granted by the university, which will offer you a formal letter of enrolment with your accepted application. It is an important part of the visa process that you demonstrate your financial stability and prove that you can bear the education (via personal funds or scholarship) and lifestyle costs in Australia. A health and character examination might also be necessary. You can be granted to stay in Australia for a month or two after your curriculum is over, however it depends heavily on the duration of your studies. After completion of your studies you will get a work visa for 2 years to work in Australia.

Studying in Australia can be a golden opportunity to build an enviable career as there are a lot of top universities in australia to impart you with knowledge to help you achieve success in life. The economy and ambience of the country motivate progress, and you can become a native by applying for citizenship. It is advised that you must take a concrete decision regarding a temporary or permanent stay in the nation before your student visa ends. If you face any difficulty regarding this matter, you can choose to contact overseas education consultants for help.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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