Why Indian Students Prefer Australia

The present world of education has seen a rise in the number of students who prefer to study abroad. This is due to the slump in the quality of education in some countries and the paltry opportunities one gets even after obtaining certification of skill and learning. When it is about Indian students, as to why study in Australia the following reasons will enunciate the notion:

1. A unique experience
The rich history in research and the constant educational initiatives for a better tomorrow make Australia a great place for higher studies. Their culture motivates innovation, reasoning, inclination towards art and philanthropy, and taking strides for progress. The instructors are known to inculcate the talent each student offers, and help them leverage it for the best of the society. As a result, the student will be able to build their stature and have an impressive career in their field of preference. Universities of Carnegie Mellon, Monash, and Sydney have decided to plan their curriculum so as to suit the future aspects of education.

2. Technical and vocational education
When it comes to vocational education, Australia is considered one of the best. The reason behind this is that they focus primarily on the practical aspects of education, helping the student to apply the theories taught in classes on to the real world. The career objectives of the students are taken into account, and the teachers help students in raising their standards. Emphasis is given to skill-based studies, which will help the person dominate the real world challenges and improve the nation’s economy by tackling larger issues. This step has attracted many international students and has kept the quality of education high.

3. Student-friendly
Many people are worried about the return of their investment when they study abroad. The government of Australia has taken an initiative which has helped numerous students get employment and the condition of the hiring companies has also improved. The Australian Qualifications Framework set up by the Australian government ensures that students are hired on the basis of their skill and their ability to tackle problems. As a result, there are now equal opportunities and recognition for the candidates who have obtained a qualification from any university in the nation. The government’s decision to side-line a sizeable amount from their annual budget to help international students obtain an education in the country has been lauded worldwide and also is one of the biggest reasons for why study in Australia.

4. Amazing track record
Australia, through its breakthrough educational system, has ensured the success of the students consistently over the years. The teachers are prepared to deliver lectures in the best manner possible, and as a result, a majority of students are now living the life they always wanted to. All big companies have their offices in various parts of Australia, which makes it the right destination for studying abroad. The students at the end of the course are productive and ensure sustainable economic growth.

5. Skill shortage gap
The government, every year, releases a list which contains statistics, highlighting the skill shortage in the country. No grave changes are seen in a year’s time, but the syllabus is designed to suit the lists and balance the shortage of skills. This step towards bridging the gap which exists between learning a particular subject and obtaining skills based on it has brought about a revolution which is responsible to ensure availability of employment for qualified personnel.

Although international students are required to obtain a student visa, they obtain the perks which come with it. If permitted, the student can get work opportunities and stretch their stay. Australia ensures that employment and skill building are never compromised, so these are few reasons for why study in Australia.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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