Top Colleges in the UK for Indian Students

It is a dream for almost all diligent students in India to get a chance of studying in the United Kingdom. Studying abroad opens up a huge gate of opportunities for people that want to opt for a successful career. If you also want to go study abroad and build up a high-scoring career, UK should be one of the top places you can go to.

The United Kingdom is home to a very fine education system and has high scope for Indian students because of its top colleges and vast options of careers to choose from. Although the living and other expenses may seem high that also depends upon the college you apply for and the courses you opt for. You may discuss some study with UK consultants to make the process easier.

Top Colleges in UK

Some top colleges from the UK may help you narrow down your options and assist you to find the perfect one for you and your career.

Kings College London (KCL)-

This university is one of the oldest in England, it also has an outstanding reputation for cutting-edge research and world-class teaching. They have a very vast range of undergraduate courses like arts, law, mathematical, and natural sciences including psychology, medicine, dentistry, and nursing.

Academic requirements for Indian students in KCL are over 85%-90% in High School and at least 80% in Mathematics.

The University ofManchester

This university is a public research university in Manchester, England. It also is the third-largest university in the UK and attracts students internationally from about 160 countries worldwide.

Entry requirements for The Manchester University is generally an undergraduate degree along with certificates for Indian Standard 12 secondary school.

Imperial College London

This university is also a public research university in London. The college focuses on science technology, business, and medicine. Imperial College of London has an international community of more than 59% of students from outside of the UK and about 140 countries worldwide.

Entrance requirements for this university are certifications of 12 standards from any respective boards along with an undergraduate degree.

The University of Cambridge-

This university is a collegiate research university in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It also offers 30 undergraduate courses covering more than 65 subject areas.

Entrance requirements for the university are certifications from 12 from either CBSE or ISC for undergraduate courses in computer, science, engineering, economics, mathematics, and natural science.

The University of Oxford-

This university is a collegiate research university and ranks first amongst all other universities. Oxford university includes 48 undergraduate courses varying from traditional sciences to humanities, languages, law, and fine art.

Entrance requirements for Indian students are certification of class 12 from either of the two boards with a minimum of 90% in each of the five opted subjects.

These are the top colleges of UK for every Indian student. No matter from which stream or field you belong to, study in UK is the perfect decision you can make for your life and career.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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