Best MBA courses in the UK – Complete University Guide

The United Kingdom happens to be one of the leading economies in the world and MBA and MS from the UK are considered as the highly reputed courses worldwide. So talking about MBA in the UK, it ultimately has its own value and can never lose its charm. The degree helps in accelerating the career growth of an individual. In this blog, we’ll highlight the Best MBA Courses in the UK. But before revealing it, you must know why you should study MBA in the UK. Swipe and here are the answers to your curious questions.

Why should you study MBA in the UK?

  1. Best B-Schools-The UK is home to the top Business Schools in the world, There are around 395 universities in the United Kingdom. providing a quality world-class education to students across the globe.
  2. Short-time courses-There are even 1-year programs that help the candidates to complete their post-graduation in a short span of time thus saving money and other expenses.
  3. Industry Links- The leading MBA colleges in the UK have close links with the industries therefore the candidates have a high probability of gaining work opportunities in those industries.
  4. Learning from Leaders-If you opt for an MBA from the UK, you can get a chance to learn from the top business leaders there.
  5. Low Cost-Many private and small colleges around London have low-cost and affordable courses with tuition fees starting from £107,000. 

University Guide for MBA in UK-

The points above justify why you opt for an MBA in the UK, but if you are keen to know about the best universities for MBA in the UK, then you may contact Study and Work Abroad. We have excellent consultants to help and motivate you. Also have a sneak peek into the list of the leading universities

  1. London Business School- This private university was founded in 1964  popular for business and management courses. It secured the top position due to the quality of education. It has 15-21 months of course duration. Here the students learn the practical implementation of things and gain valuable knowledge. This can be your definite go-to place for your MBA.
  2. University College London- It is one of the largest universities in London that has maximum enrollments for post-graduation. It welcomes the students from all the communities and has excellent academics.. UCL is preferred by the students for MBA in UK since it provides speacialized and customizable learning and collaborative online experience. They also help you prepare for the interviews and placements. 
  3. Said Business School, University Of Oxford- It is the oldest university in the English-speaking World. It is considered best for MBA & Social Science and has a 40% International Student Rate. You may apply here through UCAS Application. Also, it provides 1 year of course duration.
  4. The University of Cambridge, Judge Business School- It is a public research university that offers a 1 year MBA course with an affordable fee of £20800 -£33200. Also, it has a lot of scholarships available for the candidates. You may have the best of your studies here.
  5. Imperial College London- Having a world ranking of 22, this university offers 250+ courses with MBA in the UK as the best one. It intakes the students in January and September. This university has gifted the world a lot of notable people and leaders.

If you aspire to be a successful leader, entrepreneur or wish to enter into the corporate world, then having an MBA degree can do good to you. Let your career goals be high enough, as the sky is the limit, and opt for this master’s degree.  Hope this guide helps you in sorting and choosing the best MBA colleges in the UK. For more brainstorming sessions you can contact the Study and Work Abroad professionals.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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