Why Should you Consider Pursuing MBA from Germany?

MBA is one of the most sought-after career options for students these days as it gives them great exposure to the corporate world. MBA instils multiple managerial and decision-making skills in the students which take their personality a tier-higher. Students can pursue an MBA degree abroad with a wide range of specializations and pursuing MBA in Germany has gained huge popularity in the last few years because of the various benefits that it has. 


Germany offers various options when it comes to MBA specializations like Engineering Management, Big Data Management, Marketing, etc. The variety of specializations helps the students discover the right blend of their interests and ambitions. Being one of the most popular MBA destinations, Germany offers an extremely inclusive and globally-minded learning atmosphere which makes it easier for international students to study there. Also, English is widely spoken across Germany so there are no language issues faced by the students. 


Germany houses some of the best universities in the world along with highly qualified faculties who give their best in shaping the upcoming industry professionals and leaders. Apart from this, Germany has a flexible education system and multicultural social environment which is of great benefit for the students. All these factors combined, make Germany an ideal destination for pursuing MBA abroad. 


One of the major factors that bother students while planning for studying abroad is the high tuition fees! However, if you’re looking forward to studying in Germany, you don’t have to worry about the tuition fees. Germany has one of the world’s largest education systems and thus clearly understands a student’s needs and aspirations. MBA courses in Germany have much lower tuition fees as compared to the MBA programs in other countries like the UK, USA, Canada etc. To simplify things even more, international students pursuing their MBA in Germany can also work part-time or apply for the scholarships offered by their respective universities, which ultimately supports in reducing the financial burden. 


The strong economy of Germany is another reason behind students study their MBA from there. As Germany has the largest economy in entire Europe, MNCs like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, etc. are always willing to hire and expand their teams in Germany. The presence of such global companies in Germany has established a great demand for candidates having excellent management skills. Considering all this, MBA in Germany is no less than a great investment with great returns.


Once a student, who is not from Europe, completes his/her MBA in Germany, needs to apply for a residence permit. According to the laws, such students can apply for a residence permit of a maximum of four years amidst which they can find a suitable job for themselves. These four years can be the perfect time for the students to explore the German culture as well as the German corporate world. 

So, pursuing MBA in Germany definitely has numerous amazing benefits and if you are willing to study abroad in Germany, connect with us and we’ll help you accomplish your goal.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

Alvito Fernandes is an experienced study abroad counselor and entrepreneur, with a passion for mentoring students. With an MBA graduate class of 2002 and a Harvard Alumni on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, he is well-equipped to provide expert guidance. As an ICEF certified agent, he has been recognized as Agent of the Month by Study Group UK and acknowledged as a preferred partner in Mumbai for GUS Canada. Alvito's work has had a significant impact on the lives of students, as evidenced by the testimonials of those he has helped study and migrate abroad. His straightforward and matter-of-fact advice, based on extensive industry experience and research, has earned him the trust of his clients. With a strong commitment to his students' best interests, Alvito's counseling is always aimed at preparing them to face any challenges they may encounter. His wealth of experience and constant learning from past students' experiences enable him to provide comprehensive guidance on various countries and courses.

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