Abhishek Nair

I really appreciate ‘Study And Work Abroad’ for their guidance in all aspects of my journey till now.

After careful consideration of my career pathway and my dreams of studying abroad, they helped me in understanding the academic part of it along with the financial part of it. Their staff was great in helping out in guiding and reminding me with things that had to be sorted. They made my journey start smoothly. They also helped me to choose the right course to study to the entire visa process and even accommodation assistance and the airport pickup, they helped me with everything.

Also the interaction of the Director with my parents to make them fully understand my career path is highly appreciated. The staff are very experienced with the entire process of admissions and visa and their knowledge of the processes involved made my application very simple and easy.

I have no doubt in recommending ‘Study And Work Abroad’ to anyone who is looking to pursue their careers abroad.

amit mishra
amit mishra
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