Study In USA – The land of opportunities

An education in the US is a much sought after affair. The dreams, opportunities and exposures in the US are unlimited. Nearly 1,30,000 Indian students leave their homes to study in USA each year, to find their dream jobs and fulfill their aspirations of a dynamic career and comfortable life.

Why Study In USA?

Besides great exposure, adventure and a wide range of modern opportunities, US has a lot more to offer. Beginning with academic excellence offered through its many top ranking universities and colleges.  The opportunities for research, teaching and training in cutting-edge technology are unlimited. And the entire experience is enhanced by flexibility in curriculum and suppo rt for International students.

Having the name of a US university attached to your credentials and background, automatically changes the way the professional world sees you.

It shows that you have received the exposure to world cultures, broad-practical thinking and can live and thrive in an environment and culture alien to you. It says a lot about your ability to adapt and overcome challenges.

At an intellectual level it means that you are intelligent, think rationally and have an excellent command over the English language. Studying in US opens the doors to endless opportunities both, during the course of education and after.

Offering a wide range of courses one may opt for from Management to IT to Engineering Courses USA has a great multi-cultural campus life.

USA Study Options

USA is the hub for Software, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees. And they have made it convenient for non-immigrant students to get not just theoretical learning but also practical, on job learning through the optional practical training and curriculum practical training programs, which one may opt for.  There is a galore of universities to choose from, here we shortlist a few of the top universities to study STEM Program USA has to offer are:

  1. Wichita State University

WSU harnesses creativity to encourage learning. Entrepreneurship and innovation are an integral part of the curriculum, which is tailored to suit the needs of the students.

The University welcomes diversity in its student body and teaching staff. This not only helps one learn ways of the world but also makes it easier to be a part of the University. WSU offers a large number of interesting MS and Masters programs in STEM that can help you expedite the course of success in life.

Courses offered by WSU:

Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Networking

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Management

Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  1. The University of Vermont

Considered amongst the top 10 places to go to college, UVM is located in Burlington which is a popular student destination. Its campus offers a picturesque view and brings one close to nature. The University is popular for its approach towards relationship building between faculty, students and community. They provide MS and Masters STEM degrees amongst other courses in arts, medicines, management, etc.

Courses offered by UVM

Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

  1. James Madison University

The cornerstone of JMU’s approach is making a change. They believe in continuous evolution of self, skills, students, faculty and community to bring about a positive difference. Barriers do not exist in JMU’s philosophy. Everything is a route to growth. The institute invests itself not only in the growth of its students but also the mentoring of the faculty, which ultimately ensure success for their students. They have interesting programs which are nurtured with innovative thinking, latest technology and supported via exceptional scholarships. They have a wide range of Undergraduate and graduate programs, MS and Masters in STEM, taught by experienced professors for whom teaching is a passion.

Courses offered by JMU:

Computer Science: Digital Forensics (M.S)

Computer Science: Information Security, (M.S)

  1. Murray State University

The Murray State University offers 118 MS and Masters programs in various fields ranging from advertising to criminal justice. It has struck the balance between facilities and technology of a major research university and a personalized, student centric approach. Focus on results, it encourages students and supports them throughout their journey with the University to achieve their goals and aspirations. Their STEM Courses USA and outreach programs also cover health related majors.

Courses offered by MSU:

Civil Engineering Tech

Computer Science

Computer Information Systems

Electromechanical engineering

Industrial and Engineering Tech

Applied Engineering and Technology Management – this is a unique program to Murray State

  1. Long Island University

LIU offers distinctive MS and Masters programs in STEM Courses USA for those who want to study in USA. Their undergraduate and graduate programs help students prepare for the fields of biomedical, computer, and environmental sciences, genetic research, management engineering etc. It is a proud University with a strong sports culture, which helps overall development of students, encourages camaraderie, discipline and competitive nature.

Courses offered by LIU

Information Systems

Masters in Computer science – (LIU Brooklyn)

Masters in Genetics Studies – (LIU Post)

Masters in Information Systems (LIU Post)

  1. Arkansas State University

Home away from home, ASU is the perfect place for students who want to expand their potential and break mental barriers. The moment you step on to the campus, you will yourself be embraced by the student community and engage in various cultural activities that will help you grow as a person and excel at your studies too. Students have experienced a rich culture, learning opportunities and shifts in attitude while pursuing their MS and Masters from here.

Courses offered by ASU:

Computer Science


If you are not looking to study STEM in USA programs, USA has another great institute you can consider is Roosevelt University.

Roosevelt believes in making dreams come true. With campuses in Chicago it stands on rich cultural heritage and looks progressively towards the future. Proud to have an award-winning faculty, it welcomes diversity in its student body and aspires to transform lives through principles of social justice.

It offers 116 MS and Masters degree programs ranging from Arts, Sciences, Finances and Management.

MBA in Business Administration

MS in Computer Science

MS in Mathematics

USA Student Visa Requirements

To get a USA student visa one usually applies for an F1 applicable for academic studies from accredited US Universities and colleges. Before you apply for the visa, you need to have a confirmation from the education institute that you have applied to.

To apply for the visa, you will need the following:

  • Form DS-156
  • I-20 which shows you are enrolled in a University in USA
  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • Passport size photographs
  • Receipt of payment of visa processing fees
  • Documents to show you are a bonafide student
  • Documents to show sponsorship and availability of funds

Visa Application Process

Due to various security reasons, USA has made its visa processing stringent. Thus, it is good to start preparing for your visa application early.

To apply for the Visa, pay the necessary visa application fees first via the prescribed methods and retain the receipt. The fee for F-1 visa is about Rs. 13,500, which is non-refundable.

The US government uses the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to track and monitor education institutes, exchange visitor programs and students while they pursue their education in the US.

All visa applicants must have an interview at the consulate or U. S embassy. This is where you submit all the papers. The interview is conducted to gauge your intentions of going to the US. They want to understand whether you are really a student, are you going to go and look for opportunities to stay or work in the USA, and will you return to India on completion of your studies.

The Optional Practical Training

For those students studying STEM Program, USA allows such students to stay in the US for 29 months on a work visa after their education is complete. Students who are applying for non-STEM courses may stay on for 12 months.

OPT is suitable for those students who are enrolled into a full-time program and have a valid F-1 status. It is designed to supplement the core area of studies. If you feel you shall benefit from the program, you should definitely opt for it.

In order to apply for OPT, you need to obtain a recommendation for OPT from School Official. You will have to apply for an employment authorization document to United States Citizenship and Immigration Service within 30 days.

Curriculum Practical Training

CPT is an opportunity to work as an intern during the term of your course. OPT allows you to work after you have finished your education, but if you want to learn practically in your field of studies while you study, CPT is a good choice.

To apply for CPT you need a valid F1 visa and an authorization from your educational institute. This will allow you to take up an internship for duration of 1 semester to 364 days. Universities usually allow you to take up CPT after you have completed at least 2 semesters of your program.

If you are planning to study in USA, can help you choose the best University, obtain the admissions and assist you in your visa process. The team of experts will assist you in each step in your journey till you reach the dream study destination.

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Alvito Fernandes

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