Why Study In Canada?

Canada is one of the most developed nations of the world and hence several job opportunities are available. Some of the most reputed universities that are situated here are the Athabasca University, University of Calgary, and Calipano University. Canada is always considered as a great place for learning and imparting education.  The students can secure top-level jobs in any counterparts of the world if they attain a degree from top universities. Many people migrate to Canada because they can obtain a job in some of the top companies of Canada such as A&W, Advance Gold, and many more. Mostly, students migrate to Canada to attain a valuable education.

The Department of OECD has stated that the Canadian government spends a large amount of money for education. Today Canada is also ranked as the second developed nations of the world and lists among the G-8 countries. Any student who attains a graduate or diploma degree from any Canadian institution always acquires a top-level job in any businesses, schools or institutions, government agencies and bodies.

In the following paragraphs you will learn all about the top 14 important reasons why one should choose a nation like Canada to study and settle.

  1. Plentiful Natural Resources

Canada is a country that is known for natural beauty and greenery. Most of the land is unoccupied in Canada and hence the natural resources are not disrupted by any external factors. Hence, many provincial parks are established here. The visitors can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities here as many recreational centers are established here and students can enjoy these facilities to the fullest. The students can visit some interesting places such as parks, sanctuaries, museums and wilderness areas. Canada consists of 42 national parks and numerous park reserves. They can visit the lust coastline such as Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence etc.

  1. Excellent Health Care System

The cost of medical insurance in Canada is relatively cheaper when compared to the other countries. The hospitals in Canada are well-equipped with modern technologies and hence the students can seek medical treatment anytime and anywhere.

  1. Education System of Canada

The Canadian degrees and certificates have been consistently ranked and the cost of tuition fees is relatively lower when compared to the fees of other nations.

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  1. Internationally Recognized Degrees in Canada

The Canadian Universities and colleges provide degrees to almost thousand international students per year. The degrees that are awarded by the Universities are recognized throughout the world and a student can attain a top-level job in any commonwealth countries. The bachelor’s degrees, diploma courses, professional courses and the other technical courses are recognized throughout the world.

  1. Training in Language

In Canada, two languages are considered official and they are English and French. A new immigrant acquires training in both the languages so that they can fluently interact with any citizen of Canada. The student can choose to impart language training before commencing their academic program.

  1. A Country with Diverse Culture

Today 15 million immigrants are settled here and today still many people from other nations are arriving here. Many Métis and Inuit communities are residing here today. The Canadian government has declared the policy of multiculturalism so that every citizen is respected. So, the students can easily mix with the people from other cultures.

  1. Safety

As this nation is known for the safety factor, the students can safely study here. The crime rate of Canada is consecutively decreasing since 1993. The firearm Department strictly controls the entry of the other illegal immigrants. The students who come from other nations are specially trained in the matters of safety. They are taught about the safety precautions and measures to defend themselves. They should attend a safety orientation program that is conducted by various associations of their school. They should attend this program as soon as they arrive in this nation.

  1. Technologies and Tools

This nation is extremely advanced in the field of technology and hence the students are provided with several educational and interactive tools for better learning. It is a hub for information science and technology and the students can learn about the technical aspects and gain software knowledge at the right age.

  1. Transportation

The transportation system and infrastructure of the nation is excellent and hence the students can easily travel from one place to another.

  1. Accessibility

Canadians are always known for their social networking and they were the first people to connect the library system to the internet. They introduced the concept of digital libraries. They also initially provided information about all the reputed institutions worldwide on the websites. They introduced the School Net Program that is copied to the institutions of other nations.

  1. Work in Canada

If a student attains a graduate degree in Canada, then surely he can secure a good profile job here. The students can study here for two years, after which a student can obtain a post study work visa and gain job experience by working in Canada.  

  1. Possibility of Immigration

Some students who fulfill the conditions for Canadian credentials can even settle here permanently. They can apply for a permanent Visa without leaving this country. Some international students who have secured a high-profile job that aligns with their qualification and have proved their proficiency in English language can obtain Canadian Credentials and hence are eligible for permanent Visa.

  1. Financial Aid for International Students

The students who have high academic record and have gained experience in their field can apply for scholarship programs. The scholarships are provided by the government or local business associations too. Many international students in Canada are earning their income through part-time work and engaging in Internship programs. They need not obtain a work permit to secure a part-time job. They can engage in internship programs while learning their course.

  1. Useful Organizations in Canada

In Canada the students can borrow help from several government organizations. Some of the governmental organizations include Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Official Study in Canada Portal, Council of Ministers, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, etc. The students can receive comprehensive information about any matters of education, visa and their stay in Canada.

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