Student Guide to New Zealand and it’s universities for MBA

New Zealand, a country is best known for its scenic views and the two islands are home to the top Study Abroad universities in the world. If you’re a student and planning to enroll for a full-time post-graduation course in New Zealand, then there are some insights that you need to know about studying over there. Here’s a Student Guide to New Zealand –

1) Getting a New Zealand Visa – After you have been accepted by a university for a full-time post-graduation course, you need to apply and equip yourself with a Visa. The New Zealand Visa can allow you to pursue your studies there. To get a better idea of this process, you may consult some experts that can help you in sorting the paperwork required for the Visa processing. While you appear for a New Zealand Visa interview, you need the following documents-

  • An Offer Letter from a recognized University
  • Your valid Passport
  • Statement showing enough funds that can help you survive the education and living in New Zealand.

2) Getting your medical tests and insurance done- When you’re traveling to an abroad city for your further education or work opportunities, you need to have some medical checkups done. Chest X-ray and the full body checkups mentioning your medical ailments or diseases need to be mentioned on paper. Having a medical insurance is mandatory.

3) Getting an International Driving Permit- Having an international driving permit might save you from any mishaps. The International Driving Permit in New Zealand is for a minimum age of 18 yrs. Moreover, having an international license permits you to rent a car for traveling purposes.

4) Weather in New Zealand- The country experiences chilled to moderate weather and the weather-cycle in New Zealand is just opposite to the one in India. In the island country, summers start in December and Winter strikes around June. Monsoon brings moderate to high rainfalls and so you need to pack your bags with all kinds of clothes or depending upon the month/weather in which you’re about to reach the destination.

5)  Arranging accommodation before reaching- If you have made up your plans, done with the Visa and ticket booking formalities, then you must start to search for an accommodation in New Zealand. Finding a house/flat/room to stay nearest to your university will be the best option. This might save your commute time and traveling expenditure.

Studying Abroad in New Zealand options-

New Zealand is a country that has a variety of programs ranging for 1-4 year courses commencing from February and July. Based on the time-availability, you can opt for a suitable course and achieve a degree/certificate for the same. The state-of-the-art facility and quality learning programs make it worth studying in New-Zealand.

To receive guidance about your studying overseas, you can get a consultation with the counselors at Study and Work Abroad that can help you in making a good portfolio for your career prospects.

Alvito Fernandes
Alvito Fernandes

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